Friday, 22 May 2009

A Steal Of A Deal

A few weeks ago we went to a community garage sale charity event. It was held at the Civic Centre, so it was quite a large sale, w/ lots of items to browse through. I immediately went to check out the kids' toys tables to see if I could find any old Fisher Price toys (I was quite pleased to find the zoo) & left PChad w/ the kids to look around at some other things.

Just was we were leaving, PChad noticed a folding chair at one end of the centre with a poster board on it. There were some pictures of 2 pianos & a sheet for bidding on them for a silent auction. PChad picked the nicer of the 2 & put his name for the minimum bid. We knew we probably wouldn't win it b/c it was a rather low amount & it was quite a nice paino.

Much to our surprise, we got a call the next night to tell us we had WON the piano. I'm guessing that since it wasn't in a very obvious spot, not a whole lot of other people noticed it. I had walked by that area at least 3 times & not taken any notice of the chair w/ the poster board.

When we went to pick it up, the man kept asking, "Are you SURE you don't want to write the cheque for a larger amount? It's for CHARITY after all!" But we are satisfied with the price we paid & the deal we got.

Asher is quite pleased with our "new" piano. He likes to sing & play the piano at the same time, which has proven an effective tool to keep him occupied for MINUTES at a time!


  1. thants AWESOME!...your gonna make money off of that kid someday!

  2. Oh, Sherilyn! That is a gorgeous piano! Asher looks like he's going to have a great time on it! Encourage your kids to play it! It is a talent they'll hold their whole life! I can't get over the woodwork on the piano! You really did hit the jackpot! : )

  3. That is a gorgeous cabinet. What kind of piano is it? Do you play? I restored an old Baldwin a few years ago so it could be played, and it cost a pretty penny, but well worth it. I sold it a few years later, and made a profit. If you can find the serial number on the inside or the back, there are a few places online that will trace the number for free and tell you the age of the piano and where it was made. Kind of neat.:)