Monday, 24 March 2008

"Music Please!"

We have a 3-disc-changer on our CD player. We usually have a CD for each of us. Chad has number 1, I have number 2, and we put a kids CD in number 3. Asher quite often will ask for music & I ask if he wants Mummy's music, Daddy's music or Asher's music. The other day he asked for Daddy's music, so I hit number 1 expecting some Nickelback or Finger Eleven..... Instead what I was greeted with was Avril Lavigne singing "Hey, hey, You, you, I don't like your girlfriend!"
I'll be the first to admit that Chad & I have diverse music tastes, but it just wasn't QUITE what I was expecting.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Our Upcoming Trip

We are planning a trip to England this spring & decided there was a deal to go to Ireland for a week that we really couldn't pass up. We were discussing it at the dinner table & Chad asked Asher if he wanted to go to Ireland. Asher replied, "Des!" So we asked him to say Ireland. His reply was, "Ireland, Walmart!" He really does love his trips to Walmart, any time we are going somewhere, he'll say "Walmart." So, we had to explain there is no Walmart in Ireland. Poor guy looked so disappointed..........

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Aghhhhh, Canada!

Last week I received a call from a man in immigration asking if I'd be home b/c he had some papers to deliver to me. Lo & behold, I am now the proud owner of an appeal in the Federal Court of Canada. It seems that the Citizenship Judge who permitted me to continue in the Citizenship process made an error in judgement in the Minister of Citizenship & Immigration's eyes.

I made an appointment with an immigration lawyer & yesterday Chad & I went to see what his take on my case was. He said that the nice Judge man had probably liked the fact that Chad was studying to be a minister & decided I was a nice person & judged in my favour. He did not follow the laws & maybe he was on drugs when he made the decision.

So, what are my chances? I could go through with the appeal, it would take about 1 1/2 years & cost about $4000, or I could wait until June 2010 when I actually have enough time in Canada to apply again.

The issue was that when I applied I had not met the 1095 days residency in Canada in the last 4 years, & it's only gotten worse with Chad being in school in the States. I had read somewhere that your time still counted if you were outside of Canada accompanied by a Canadian spouse. We fell under that category, so I applied. However, the Canadian spouse rule was for Permanent residence, not citizenship. So here I sit, still 2 years from being able to say, "I AM CANADIAN!"