Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sunday Pictures: week 38

Asher - 2.5 years
Chancery - 8.5 months

Chancery: "I see you eyeing my lego, but you may NOT have it!"

Chancery: "I think I'll put my piece up here so he doesn't take it."

Asher: "Hmmm, I wonder how I can get that piece from her."

Chancery: "Not a chance, Bub! I know what you are up to!"

Asher: "I'm sure I don't know WHAT Chancery's talking about!"

Asher: "Look over there!"

Asher: "Please may I have it?"

Asher: "Maybe if I act uninterested...."

Chancery: "I think the only way of keeping it safe is to EAT it!"

"Ok, kids, how about a smile!"

Chancery: "Sorry, Mum, but Asher's going to try nicking
my lego & I have to save it!"


Chancery: "Ok, I'll smile, but this piece is MINE!"

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