Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Settling in..... Somewhat

So, here we are in Strathroy. I guess we're all moved in. All our stuff is here and sorted through anyways. I can't say we're all unpacked b/c we aren't. It's a bit of a downsize, so a lot of our things are staying in boxes until we move again.

I am going a little crazy though I think. In GR Asher and I had a whole routine throughout the week of things we'd do, and places we'd go. So far, none of that here. So we've been going for walks, but that's not near as fun when there's no destination. We used to visit Kami. We've also been riding bikes quite a bit. That's more fun, we can explore the area a bit that way. There's also a Walmart in town, so we've walked around there as well. It does get a bit old though, just hanging out w/ Asher all day w/o other people to talk to.

Anyways, that's what's on my mind. Until next time, Asher and I will continue to drive each other crazy.