Sunday, 26 August 2018

Little Chef

Today Chancery wanted grilled cheese for lunch, & since she's 10, I decided she could make it herself.  After complaining that she didn't know how to cook, I gave her step-by-step instructions, & the sandwiches were successfully made.  As she sat down at the table I heard her tell Asher, "I'm going to marry a man who can cook everything, because I really hate cooking!"

Monday, 12 March 2018

Church Challenges!

Last Sunday morning after church I picked up a cup of coffee, added my cream & sugar, & walked over to "my spot".  (Yes, I have a certain spot where I stand, it's just off to the side, people know where to find me, & I find it easier to hear what people are saying to me)

I lifted my little mug to take my first sip & noticed there was a bit of lipstick on the cup (which couldn't have been mine!), so I decided to wipe it off, & turn the cup to drink from the other side.  I turned it around to discover MORE lipstick!  At that point I couldn't handle it anymore, I don't even WEAR lipstick 90% of the time! So I returned the full cup of coffee to the kitchen & sought out a new cup of coffee & started the whole process over with less lipstick!


During offering time I handed each of the kids a quarter.  Asher handed his back to me & whispered, "I can't put this one in, it's a special one!"

I took the quarter back & sorted through my wallet for a 'regular' coin for him to donate instead.  I was about to put the fancy quarter in my pocket to take home & add to my special coin jar.

Chancery then leaned over & said, "I want to see it!"

I handed the special quarter to Chancery, & just then the offering basket came by & Chancery put the special quarter in!, I reached in & grabbed it back out!

I thought I was in the clear until a man sitting behind me leaned forward & said, "If you're that hard up for cash I could loan you some!"

Friday, 19 January 2018

Salty Salt

Last week I had to return a thermometer to Canadian Tire, & since it had been opened, I received a store voucher rather than a refund, so I wandered the store afterward looking for things I could use it on.  I noticed an employee (we'll call him Ed) stacking bags of road salt.

There were a few different piles of salt bags, & I wasn't sure if there was a difference between the stacks, so I asked Ed, "What is the difference between the big bag of salt & the small bag of salt?"

Ed replied, "The big bag is bigger, the small bag is smaller."

Thanks for that Ed!  "Ok then, can you please put a big bag in my cart?"

"I was afraid you were going to ask me to do that!"  But he nicely put the 40kg bag of salt in my cart, then told me, "Make sure you ask for someone to load it in you car when you check out!"

"Ok, I will!" I told him, but when I checked out there was a long line, & my checkout person was an older lady, so I figured I could manage myself.  I got to the car, opened the trunk, put down my purse, took off my coat & turned to the cart to heave out my gigantic bag of salt...

My cart started moving away from me, it didn't want to give up it's prize of salt, so I put my foot on the front of the cart to make it stay, & tried again to no avail.  I realized I was not making the proper sounds, so I said aloud, "1, 2, 3, hrrrggghhh!"  But all the sounds in the world were not going to make that 40 kg bag of salt, jump from my cart to my car.  A nice man in the parking lot (we'll call him Pat) saw my predicament & came to assist me.

Pat said, "That is a heavy load!"

I replied with a smile, "Yes, & I just can't get it to budge!"

Pat graciously offered to help me put it in the car, so I held the cart, & he hefted the bag into the trunk.  As this was happening, I noticed an employee over by the front of the store on a forklift.  It was Ed!  Ed cheerfully yelled across the parking lot, "I TOLD YOU YOU WERE GOING TO NEED HELP!"

Thursday, 18 January 2018

The Thrift Store Find

A few years ago I was in a thrift shop & one of the volunteers was stocking the shelves.  We'll call her Mary.  Mary turned to me & said, "What section of the store do you suppose I should put this ceramic bathtub in?

It was similar to the one pictured here, & I suggested, "I'd put with nicknacks, as it's clearly meant to be put in a place visible to all!"

"But where would you put it, & what would you put in it?" Mary inquired of me.

"Well, if I were you, I would put it on a front hall table, & when my grandkids were leaving I'd say, 'don't forget to get some candy from the bathtub!'"

I don't know why, but I did not purchase that little bathtub that day.  I was living with regret for the past 2 years, always on the hunt for a little bathtub of my own, despite the fact that I have neither a front hall table, nor grandkids.  A few weeks ago, as I was thrift shopping with a friend, I perused the nicknack aisle as I always did, in search of a little bathtub, when lo & behold, I found not one, but TWO!  One was black & yellow & a little too loud for my taste (little candy bathtubs should be elegant after all).  I gleefully deposited the cute bathtub into my cart & took it home to be put in a place of honour...

It's only logical, isn't it?

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Dog Treats

A few weeks ago a friend of ours gave us some dog food & treats they had gotten from a friend when their dog died unexpectedly.  I looked through the bags of treats & noticed there were some very large freeze-dried treats in one of the bags.  One evening I gave one of these large treats to Digby & he was DELIGHTED!

New treat on the Left, Regular treat on the right
Marker to show scale

The next day Digby was not wanting to participate in any of his regular activities, & we attributed it to the rain.  He really didn't want to go for a walk, & I had to drag him off the front steps, & most of the walk he was very slow.

Later that night I looked at the bag of treats I had given him & discovered that these are not actually treats.  They are "part of a dehydrated meal plan".  Each piece is 1.5 lbs of meat you are supposed to rehydrate them & feed a dog of Digby's size 6 of them a day!  Oops, I guess I'll read the labels a little better on the other bags!

He has fully recovered, & is begging me for more treats...

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Halloween 2017

Our church had its annual neighbourhood fun night with games, candy & prizes.
Chad was running one of the games, & the dress code was COSTUME!
So, Bowser gathered his minion, & off they went!

Then the kids got dressed & off we went for a bit of trick-or-treating around the cul-de-sac,
& then the fun night at church!

It was a pretty successful haul for the Ninja & Masquerade guest!
Some people gave them each 3 handfuls of candy!

We had way too much candy, so I told the kids they could keep all their chips & prizes they had gotten, then choose 25 pieces of candy.  After that, they switched places & chose 5 from the other person's pile.  The rest went to trick-or-treaters who came to our house, or to Chad's & my stash!  We're set for the next year!

I figured I couldn't be the only family member at the church party without a
costume, so I dressed up too!

Any guesses as to who I am?

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Summer TV Drought

Summer is both a good time & bad time for TV shows for me.  It's good because there are less shows I like during the summer, so I can get caught up on the shows I have fallen behind on, but it's also bad because sometimes in the evenings I feel like there is nothing good to watch at all!  After I go on holidays I always have a look through my SideReel tracker & decide what shows I don't think are worth trying to get caught up on, & I pare down what I watch.  When it seems like there's just nothing good to watch, I'll start a shows that didn't really interest me initially, but I have heard a lot about, which is how I came to watch 13 Reasons Why.

What I had heard about it before watching was that it was dark, & it was about a girl who committed suicide.  That's all I knew.  Now, after watching all of season 1, I have to say it's a really well written show that is a pretty accurate portrayal of high school.  Not every high school has all the same dynamics, but there are a lot of things going on in the students' lives that they just don't feel they can talk about with any of the adults in their lives, or even some of their peers.  Some of the issues they face could have been avoided had they just told an adult, or talked to their friends about them, but instead they all felt like they were alone, & because of that, they had to face many of their problems alone.  Also, you see the kids refusing to acknowledge things they may have done, & repeatedly make the situation worse by trying to cover it up, or bully others into denying it as well.

Would I recommend it?  Yes.  Now there is swearing, & there are adult themes, & the last episode is a bit graphic, but I'd still recommend it.  It's not fluffy, mindless TV.  Watch it more like a documentary.
Now, for who I'd recommend it to:

-If you know your children have watched this show, you should also watch it.
-Watch it if you work with kids.
-If you have kids who are heading off to University or College, watch this show with them.  Even if they seem well adjusted, a lot of things go on at college/university that they have not encountered before, & them knowing you are aware of what is going on with their peers can open up some amazing dialog.

Don't pretend it's not happening.  It's way more prevalent than you can imagine.  Watch it, & talk about it with your kids.

Monday, 18 September 2017


Friday I had a few errands to run, & it happened that I was at Costco over lunchtime.  I was pretty hungry, so I was looking forward to having some samples to tide me over until I got home!  I roamed the store filling my cart with the few items I needed, & about halfway through my trek, I got my first (& sadly, also my last) sample.

Needless to say, I was still hungry!

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

School's in Session!

School has started back up & the kids were raring to go!  They were on their bikes riding around the cul-de-sac 20 minutes before they needed to leave.

Asher is going into grade 6 this year,
& Chancery moves into the middle school building for Grade 4!

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Just a Trim

Chancery was in dire need of a haircut.  Her split ends had split ends, & now that school is out we had time to go to the salon.  She was called back to sit in the chair, & started to explain to the hairdresser what she'd like done.  Chancery turned to me & said, "I got this, Mom, you just go & sit down."

So off I went to sit & read my book while she chatted away with the hairdresser, & communicated how she wanted her haircut.  Perhaps some layers?  Just a little off the bottom?

Nope, she decided to donate 10 inches of her hair, & is thrilled with the results!  It's much cooler for summer, but there won't be anymore braids for awhile!

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Prelude at Grandpa & Grandma's!

The kids & went to my parents' house for a week to help them prepare for the whole family being there in a few weeks.  On the way down we went through Whidby Island to visit some friends.  

We went to the beach with them to hunt for sea glass, & the kids found some cool driftwood!

Then we took some time to wander around Coupeville & had a delicious lunch as well.

Once we got to my parents house we were set to work picking raspberries, making jam & cookies, & mulching flowerbeds
In our enthusiasm we even managed to splatter raspberry juice on the ceiling!

It wasn't all work though, we stopped at a few thrift stores, & the kids found this tiny piano & insisted on posing as Lucy & Schroeder from Peanuts!

And of course we visited "The Oak" in the neighbourhood. 

 I spent a lot of time here with the neighbourhood kids growing up, & Asher & Chancery have a lot of fun playing here too!


We also met up with my friend Theresa & her kids.  We became friends in grade 7, & hadn't seen each other in 17 years!

The kids had a blast playing together, & we decided to try to see each other  more often (which shouldn't be THAT hard, right?)


Next was a quest to find some climbing trees in the woods by my parents' house.  Unfortunately most the trees I used to climb are now dead (I'm not THAT old!), so we didn't have any luck...

We also had to make our way through quite a bit of salal since the trails are not kept up anymore.  The kids decided they are ready to apply to be on "Alone" since they didn't find it too difficult.

Last but not least, I showed them "The Best Ditch in The Neighbourhood".  It has the perfect slope, & I read many a book in it while waiting for my friends' school bus to bring them home.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Asher Turns 11!

Asher' birthday this year was also the last day of school, so his whole class celebrated with pizza, donuts, & going bowling!  You might think that was enough, but Asher was not satisfied that that was enough of a celebration!

After school we let Asher open his presents!

 A card from Grandma & Grandpa!

A new video game (which we have all been enjoying!)

A new book by David Walliams!  The kids love these books, & Asher actually is happy about the gift, he just insisted on not smiling...

Then we headed to Montana's for dinner since Asher wanted to go somewhere that would make a big deal out of his birthday.  Seeing as they put a giant hat with moose antlers on your head while they sing to you, Montana's fit the bill!
Looking forward to a year of 11!

A few days later we had a birthday party at the splash park with some friends from church & school, but we had such a good time we didn't take any photos.  We'll just have to remember the good times instead!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Fancy Clothes

Last week the kids' school had a big concert for Canada's 150th celebration.  The dress code for the event was "white & red".  Most kids at the concert wore jeans & a red or white shirt with "Canada" on it.  Chancery loves to get dressed up, & she first attempted to wear her fanciest dress, but it's more of a silver colour, so I said no; then she tried to wear another fancy dress, but it's hot pink, so I also vetoed that option & told her to wear jeans & a red or white t-shirt.

Not long afterward I was handed this paper...

Chancery was wearing a white shirt & a black puffy skirt.  I decided that was ok since it was still following the dress code.  I have a feeling this is just the beginning though!

Monday, 19 June 2017

News: Edition 1

Last Saturday saw the first edition of
The Coffeetime Saturday News
Asher is quite proud of his publication, & I hope they keep coming!