Friday, 23 September 2016

An Odd Up-Do

My hair is very open to the power of suggestion.  That can be a good thing or a bad thing.  When I was in grade 7 I got a perm, & my hair was tightly curled until the day I cut it off, there was no relaxing that perm, & that was ok.  On the few occasions I have had my hair straightened, it stayed straight until I washed it, & I looked like I had been born with straight hair.

However, in general, when I wear my hair down it seems to think it is frizzy time.  No one likes frizzy time.  When I was in highschool I used to dry my hair in a low bun so it would stay relatively straight with some waves at the bottom.  But I have a lot of hair, & it takes a long time to dry.

The best way to manage my hair is to wash it at night & sleep with a towel on my pillow, but recently I have discovered a way to make my hair look even MORE curly, but the first day leaves me with a questionable hair-do...

This is day 1 hair

And this is the result!

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

First Day of School 2016!

I don't know why, but the first day of school kind of snuck up on me this year.  I realized yesterday that I had to go through the kids' clothes to make sure they had enough jeans that fit without holes in the knees (Asher didn't), & get rid of some of their favourite shirts that are just too short or too tight!  We finished all that just before supper, then I realized at bedtime that we didn't know where their backpacks were.  It's a good thing the school provides school supplies or I would have been in trouble!

This morning I had every intention of taking a picture, but there was a bag of garbage by the front door, & I got distracted & forgot, SO once the kids came home for lunch I snapped their picture!
This is the first time Chancery has been at the same school 2 years in a row (due to changing schools in PEI to go to the French school), & she was excited to see her friends from last year again.

Asher is now in grade 5, & Chancery started grade 3!

Only 10 more years until they are both in University!

Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Sunday we all went to Waterton National Park.  When Chad was growing up, quite often the family would go to Waterton & walk up the creek in Red Rock Canyon.  It was the kids' first time in Waterton, & it was time they partook of the tradition.  They were excited!

It was a bit chilly, so the kids were wearing jeans & long sleeves.  They probably should have changed first, but they were so excited to go up the canyon!  They did get their shoes & jeans wet, but we had brought shorts & sandals for them & by the time everyone got back out of hte canyon it  had warmed up quite a bit.
 It was quite the adventure, & I had to turn back due to inappropriate footwear.  Next time I'll know better!

It was awesome jumping from rock ot rock, trying to keep dry (& not always succeeding)
Troy & Tara said the water was way lower then they had ever seen it before, so they made it all the way to the end of the canyon!

After all the canyon adventures, we headed to the lake for some rock skipping.  For some reason I am a terrible rock skipper, so I was rejoicing in my accomplishment of throwing a rock with 2 bounces!
Than Chad told me, it was only one bounce, & a plop since it never came out of the water the second time.  I guess I need more practice!

After the lake it was time for dinner, then shopping (without much luck), then ice cream (you can't mess with tradition!), then the candy store (as if they needed any more sugar!)
It was a great time hanging with the family!

Sunday, 28 August 2016

We're Having Fun In Alberta!

Grandpa & Grandma's house is always a fun place to visit.  There are so many things to do that are different from what you can do at home!  We came for a week's holidays to visit & relax, & we achieved our goals!

The kids caught a bunch of grasshoppers & kept them in an old cookie container as pets.
Chancery said, "Look they like me so much that even after I set them free they just stay here with me!"

That probably had more to do with them being lethargic & hungry from being in the container for several days than liking her, but anything is possible!

Digby enjoyed cuddling up in blankets on the cool mornings. 

I love thrift shopping, & there are several good shops in town.  I scored these shoes for 50 cents!

Chancery achieved her dream of looking like a real cowgirl, & we picked up several pairs of cowboy boots, at reasonable prices, to fit as the kids' feet grow.

Chad's parents live near a river, so we walked down to it & the kids had great time playing with the rocks & building towers.

 Meanwhile, I got a free fish pedicure!  It was bit tickly, but the price was right!

 Digby also enjoyed the walks to the river, though he did not seem to enjoy the walks back home quite so much.  After cooling off, it's a long, hot walk back to the house.

It's hot enough that cactus grow along the trail!

Deer frequently visit the yard, & Digby gets very excited every time they show up.  At one point there were 2 Does, & 4 fawns under the trees!

We love Southern Alberta!

Monday, 22 August 2016

Beach Day!

One of the things we do as often as we can is go to the beach!  When we have company we take them to the beach with us!  Normally it's just the kids & I, & while the kids play in the water & build things in the sand I read a book.  Troy & Tara's family is not used to being so sedentary, so they did a bit of  beach exploring as well.

They found big & small starfish...

Asher became a merman...

 And the kids built a few sandcastles!

After our fun day at the beach we went to dinner at one of our local pubs.  The kids like it because they have etch-a-sketches to play with, & we like it because it has good food & a fun atmosphere.
When we got the bill we saw that we hadn't been charged for the kids' meals, so we brought it to the waitress' attention.  "Kids meals are free this month!" we were told!  If only we had known earlier, we would have come more often!

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Capilano Bridge & Granville Island

When we have visitors, we finally visit the touristy places!
Our first stop was the Capilano Suspension Bridge & Cliffside Walk.

The kids were being part of the totem pole

We had a lot of fun walking all the cool walkways.
There were quite a few signs stating that if you dropped something off the walkway, you were not to attempt retrieving it yourself, but to alert staff.
We tried to figure out what they would determine as valuable enough to retrieve since we saw a shoe, a coat, & a sippy cup that apparently did not make the cut.  For example, if you dropped your wallet we assumed they would get that, but what if you dropped a single credit card?

The actual suspension bridge was packed with people moving like herds of cattle, so we did not get a photo.  You'll have to go see it yourself!

 Once across the bridge, there is a treetop walk, & inexplicably this 'room'.  Perhaps it is for those who do not like heights to wait while their friends do the treetop walk?  But if you do not like heights it is unlikely you would have crossed the suspension bridge in the first place...  So many questions, so few answers!

We were unafraid to do the treetop walk! 

Asher found a large tree, but it was unclimbable.

 Chancery found someone willing to give her a shoulder ride!

The next stop was Granville Island to get some lunch!

We walked through the market & everyone was happy with the choices for lunch.  It's not always easy to please 8 people's palates, but we did it!  We had some Chinese, Curry, Deli Sandwiches, Bagels, & Pizza!

We walked around for a while, then decided to go on a 30 minute harbour cruise.

We saw a lot of waterfront floating homes 

 And the cement factory is painted to look like people!

After our cruise, we had some gelato, then it was time to head back home for the day!

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Cousins Come to Visit

Chad's sister & family came for a week to explore Vancouver (and to visit us of course!)

We took them for a walk through the forest near our house.

And the kids decided to run some races with a few obstacles.

The kids went back to the woods a few times during the week & made a few forts & enjoyed exploring the trails!  It's great to have access to such a fun area!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Chancery Turns 8!

Our family's birthday tradition is that the person whose birthday it is gets to pick a restaurant for dinner.  Chancery chose to eat at Boston  Pizza, & it was a nice warm day, so we sat outside.  Boston Pizza is at the corner of 2 fairly busy roads, & once when we were leaving we witnessed an accident in the intersection.  I think the kids pick this restaurant in hopes that it will happen again.  Well, Chancery got her wish.  While we were eating, 2 cars collided trying to beat a light.  Now, Asher & Chancery joked that we should call it the "Car Crash Restaurant"!

 Since the weather was so warm, the kids' ice cream was quite melted, & there is always more ice cream than the kids should have an hour before bedtime, so Chad usually takes one for the team & eats a few bites.  Asher was trying to drink as much of the ice cream as he could before Chad could eat it!

 Chancery was very excited to open her presents, despite the fact that she knew what a few of them were since she had gotten into my present stash a few months before!

She received a few lego sets...

A fairy costume for her stuffies...

 And a David Walliams book which stated that it came with a "Free Owl"!

(she found the owl)!

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Back to Canada!

We drove up from the Grand Coulee Dam to British Columbia.
We opted to drive the Princeton-Hope highway, which was pretty, but very twisty.
Now we can say we've done it, but unless I'm on a motorcycle, I wouldn't have to drive it again.

We struggled through a few bouts of car sickness, & got stuck behind a slow moving RV in a line 35 vehicles long!

Grandpa had talked about donuts quite a bit on the trip, but they never actually materialized.  At Hope I had had enough, so I directed Grandpa to Tim Horton's so we could stop talking about donuts that didn't exist!

We had a great 3 weeks with my parents & the trip was a lot of fun!  Maybe we'll have to do it again next year!