Monday, 31 January 2011

Taco Fresh Breath?

The other night, Yumi (the University student staying with us) made Taco Rice for dinner.  When it was time to eat, I called everyone to the table.  As they were coming in the kitchen, PChad commented, “That smells good!”


“Yes it does!” Asher enthusiastically agreed, “…It smells like my breath does!”


PChad: “Does your breath smell GOOD?”


Asher: “Yes!  It ALWAYS does!”




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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 4.5 years

Chancery – 2 years



Chancery: “What do you have there, Asher?”



Asher: “Well, this is Pierre-the-Parrot…”



Asher: “…and he has Jack-the-Jockey riding on his back.”



Chancery: “That’s funny, Asher!”



Chancery: “Jockeys are supposed to ride on HORSES!”



Chancery: “Here, put him on my pony.”



Asher: “No thanks, Chancery.  Jack LIKES to ride on exotic animals.  He’s even ridden on a Rhino & on a Bear!”

Friday, 28 January 2011


When I really get into a book, & the kids start wanting crazy things like lunch & snacks, this is how I feel sometimes…

I know many of you can relate…



Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Truth Comes Out

I had heard a shriek coming from where the kids were playing as I was vacuuming the stairs this morning.  But it was short-lived & I was blissfully covering up any sounds of arguing with the gentle hum of the vacuum cleaner.  By the time I turned the vacuum off, there was quiet again.  I asked Asher to unplug the cord, & as he was doing so, I asked, “Are you playing nicely together?”


Chancery took the opportunity to turn on the tears & came out of Asher’s room with tear-filled eyes to tell me, “Asher hit me.”


“Asher, did you hit Chancery?” I asked.


“Yes,” he answered.


Me: “Well, why did you hit her?”


“Because she hit me,” was his soft reply.


Me: “Chancery, did you hit Asher?”


Chancery: “Yes.”


So I told them to stop hitting each other, & play nicely together.  The tears magically evaporated, & as I walked back downstairs I heard them saying, “I’m sorry for hitting, & I won’t do it again.”


If only that were true…

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

All Dressed Up


A few weeks before Christmas, Coffee Break had a Christmas program.  I was one of the readers for it, so since I was going to be standing in front of everyone for an extended amount of time, I thought I should wear something nicer than my usual jeans & a hoodie.


For me, dressing up is something I don’t really like to do.  I feel much more comfortable in clothes that I’m not worried about getting dirty or ripped.  So, when I say, “I’m dressing up” for something, if it’s not a wedding or church, chances are I’ll still probably be wearing jeans.


The morning of the program I decided to wear a knit hoodie sweater with jeans.  I figured it was the perfect mix of “dressed up” & comfortable.  Later that afternoon after Chancery woke up from her nap, she kept telling me, “You need to take off your church clothes, Mummy.”


I guess it goes to show, that even SHE thinks a knit hoodie qualifies as “nice” clothes!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


A few months ago, Asher was talking to PChad about how he could see things that were far away.  PChad told him, “You must have Hawk-Eyes to be able to see that far!”


Ever since then, Asher has told us, “My name is Hawk-Eye!”


No matter how often we correct him & tell him that it’s a nickname, he thinks it should be his REAL name instead.


We were driving in the truck awhile ago & Asher said, “I have hawk eyes, so I can see things that are far away!”


Chancery, not wanting to get left out shouts, “I’m FRIENDLY, so I can see lots of things too!”


I wasn’t even aware that being friendly could improve one’s eyesight.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Parenting Fail

Asher has a habit that if he is in bed, if he thinks we might have some visitors, he always has to get up & see who it is.  He knows he’s not allowed to get out of bed for any reason other than going to the washroom, so of course as soon as he hears the creak of the front door, he’s out of his room announcing, “I have to wee!”


The other night, PChad was gone & I wanted to make some cookies, but I DESPISE scooping the dough over & over in the cookie making process, so I invited a friend over to help me.  I thought I’d try telling Asher beforehand that Miss Natasha was going to come & help me make some cookies, figuring that if he knew who was coming & for what purpose, he might stay in bed.


I put him to bed, & made sure he’d gone to the washroom, but of course as soon as the front door creaked, he was out of bed proclaiming, “I just have to wee!”


I went upstairs & told him, “I know you don’t really need to wee, since you just did less than 10 minutes ago.  You need to get back in bed, & if you get out of bed again, you won’t get any cookies.”


Half an hour later, I heard him yelling from his bed, “I need to poo!”  So, I went up to talk to him again.  As soon as I opened his bedroom door, he said, “I really need to wee.”  (See how the story changed right there?)


So, I set out the rule, “You can get out of bed to go to the washroom, but then you don’t get a cookie, so you have to decide if you really do have to go or not.”


Of course, about an hour later there was more yelling from his room.  I went up to investigate.  “I have wee in my bed, Mummy, but I didn’t get out of bed, so can I still have a cookie tomorrow?”

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 4.5 years

Chancery – 2 years



Chancery: “What are you reading, Asher?”



Asher: “It’s an instructional book.  It teaches you how to do lots of things.”



Chancery: “Is that so?  What kind of things does it teach you how to do?”



Asher: “Well, it says that if you pucker up your mouth & blow softly, you can whistle…  Let’s give it a try, Chancery!”



Chancery: “♪♫Wheeee…♪♫”

Asher: “whoooo…”



Asher: “Good job, Chancery!  I guess I’ll just have to keep practicing!”

Friday, 21 January 2011

Latte Contest Reminder

Don't forget to enter your guess of how many lattes you think I'll drink this year!  Leave a comment here  before January 31st to enter.  Closest guess wins a coffee themed gift!  I'm keeping a running tally in the sidebar on the right, so take a look at my progress thus far, calculate, & enter!

Paper Lions

Here’s a fun little diddy by a band from PEI.  Hope you enjoy it!


Thursday, 20 January 2011

Animal House

Every time we get the costume box out, Chancery wants to be the zebra. 


She gets really excited as she’s putting the costume on, & as soon as she’s ‘dressed’, she starts showing off her tail.



If she thinks someone might have missed the fact that she now has a tail, she says, “Look at my TAIL! … I have a TAIL!”




She’ll even show it off to Thanet, “I have a tail like YOU, Thanet!” But he doesn’t seem to be too impressed.



Not to be outdone, this guy likes to get in on the action too.  Alas, he has no tail.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Just Call Me “Grannie”

Asher was playing a game on his Leapster, & Asher kept ignoring Diego’s instructions.  I kept hearing, “Find the number seventy-seven!”

Diego: “Find the number seventy-seven!”

Diego: “Find the number seventy-seven!”

Finally I encouraged Asher, “Find the 77, Asher!”

To which he promptly replied, “That’s how old you are, right, Mummy?”

Seriously?  He thinks I’m seventy-seven?  I HOPE he was joking…

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I Never Thought I’d See The Day…

Remember a few years ago when I told you I’d seen a woman walking down the side of the road with a tampon shoved in her nose?  Well, today as I was pulling out onto the main road, I noticed a couple on the sidewalk.  I probably would not have recognized that it was the same woman, except that she must have shared her penchant for feminine-products-placed-in-nasal-passages with her significant other, as HE was the one now sporting a tampax halfway up his nose!


I live in a strange city…

Monday, 17 January 2011

Con Artist

Chancery was in bed, & I had just finished putting Asher to bed, when I heard her say, “I want my pink blankie!”


I called back to her, “Your blankie is in your bed, right next to you.”


“No it’s not!” she replied.


I figured that maybe she had accidentally dropped it out of her bed, so I went in her room & turned on the light.  She was holding her blankie in her hand.


“Chancery,” I said, “You are HOLDING your blankie in your hand!”


“No I’m NOT!” she declared as she threw it onto the floor.  Then she followed it up with an immediate, “I need my pink blankie!”



She may LOOK innocent…

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 4.5 years

Chancery – 2 years



Chancery: “Here we are again, Asher.”



Asher: “Another Sunday, another photo shoot.”



Chancery: “You know, every famous person has a few bad photos…”



Asher: “Does that mean that if we have a few bad photos, we’re famous?”



Chancery: “I think it does!”

Friday, 14 January 2011

Run & Tell That…

Antoine Dodson’s interview was funny enough, but now it’s been auto-tuned & made into a song…
(you can even make it your ringtone)
And you KNOW it’s a hit when there’s a Christmas version!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Christmas Pics

Christmas cards have gone out, & as I was cleaning up my desk the other day, I saw a few of the pictures that didn’t make this year’s cut.  I thought I’d share them with my bloggy friends today…




This picture is the one that PChad picked, & ultimately went in the cards we sent out.  I was a bit surprised that this one ‘won’ since it was a bit unintentional.  The kids & I had gone for a walk with Travis & Katie, & once we got to the beach at the end of our walk, I just snapped a few pics & the kids thought it’d be funny to roll around in the sand a bit.




Don’t ask me why, but I rarely take an up & down photo.  This was a contender for awhile since both kids were looking at the camera, but it was taken out of the running due to the large post in the foreground.




This picture was the ‘ok, we need a picture for the Christmas cards’ picture.  We took it after camping with PChad’s parents in the Rockies this summer.  I think we ended up looking too far away…




This picture was my first pick, but didn’t make the cut since neither of the kids were looking.  It was taken after my parents had driven the kids & I to PChad’s parents’ house this summer, when we were reunited with PChad.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Perfect Man -Review

Perfect ManA month or so ago, PChad & I attended a wedding & had 5 hours to kill b/w the ceremony & the reception.  Since we had a babysitter at our house, we couldn’t go back to pick up our books, so we headed to the local bookstore to buy a few magazines before we headed to Starbucks.  The only magazines that I could find that I was interested in were around the $11 mark, so I thought that I might as well look for a book, since I was sure I could find one for about the same price.

I’m a bargain shopper, & I always want to get the most for my money, so I looked for a good thick book, so I wouldn’t run out of things to read.  One of the things I look for when I’m in a hurry, is a book that is priced in British Pounds.  I figure that if the book is good enough to be imported, it has to be pretty good.  I found “The Perfect Man” by Sheila O’Flanagan, & it fit all the above criteria, so I bought it.

The main character of the book is a lawyer turned author, who wrote a book called “The Perfect Man”.  She ends up taking a job to be the keynote speaker on a Valentine’s cruise, & brings her sister along as her personal assistant.  Since she is the author of a romance book, everyone seems to think she is a total romantic, which couldn’t be further from the truth.  Both she & her sister have be unlucky in love.  The story begins as the sisters board the ship, & meet other guests, bringing more characters into the story.  As the story unfolds, we find that many of the characters have troubled pasts, leading them to be cautious about love & letting others get close to them.

Even though this is a romance novel, I was pleased to discover that the 1 or 2 brief love scenes were very tastefully done, & they did not detract from the rest of the story in any way.

This book has seen me through the 5 hour wedding wait, a flight to Alberta, 90 minutes of being abandoned in a ski lodge, a flight back to PEI, & all the moments between.  At 600 pages, I never had to worry about finishing the book, until last week.  At the end I really, really wanted to find out what happens, so I wanted to finish it, but I also wasn’t ready to be done the book, since it was such a good story, but finish it I did, & if the rest of Sheila O’Flanagan’s books are 1/2 as good, I think I may have found a new favourite author!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Sunday Pictures: Wedding Edition

I didn’t get a chance to post these last week, but I thought they were too good to not to share


Asher – 4.5 years

Chancery – 2 years



Asher: “Auntie Amber is getting married today, Chancery.”



Chancery: “I know, and I am sooooo excited, because we get to have LOTS of pictures of us today!”



Asher: “Do you think we should practice our smiles then, Chancery?”



Chancery: “What a great idea, Asher!”

Monday, 10 January 2011

The Purpose of Christmas Trees

We spent the last 2 weeks in Alberta with PChad’s family celebrating Christmas & a wedding.  Since the wedding was at Grandma’s house, she didn’t set up a Christmas tree this year.  Asher was a bit put out when he realized there wasn’t a tree.  He was not shy about conveying his feelings to Grandma about it either…


“Grandma,” he said, “you need to have presents under a Christmas tree, so that you remember God’s gift that he gave to us!”


I know he was partly concerned that if there was no tree there’d be no presents, but at least he knew that present weren’t the main focus of Christmas!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 4.5 years

Chancery – 2 years



Chancery: “It’s been a long week of travelling, & I’m tired.”



Asher: “Hey, that’s a pretty good idea!  I’m going to have a rest too!”



Chancery: “Did you want me to read that book for you, Asher?”



Asher: “No thanks, Chancery, besides, you don’t even know how to read!”



Chancery: “I’m really good at faking it though!”

Friday, 7 January 2011

Titanic… Puget Sound Style

This is a brilliant spoof of Titanic, done with a definite Puget Sound flair.  If you’ve listened to any radio ads in the past ten years, & you’re from the Pacific NW, you’ll recognize at least one overplayed radio spot, not to mention a few movies!  It’s a rather long video, but I recommend that you watch at least the first 6 minutes.



Tuesday, 4 January 2011

2010 Latte Winner Announced, & 2011 Contest!

After a year of latte enjoyment, the official count for 2010 is a mere 197!  I was shocked that it was so low, but I think my waistline thanks me for holding back a bit!  The winner was Mianna, with a guess of 243.  Most of the other guesses were around double what my actual consumption was.  So, I'll be sending a coffee themed prize to Mianna (just send me a private message with your mailing info) next week!

I'll be counting the number of lattes again this year (I've already had TWO!).  If you want to have a chance at winning the prize next year, just leave a comment on this post with your guess before the end of January!  You can watch the counter on the top right of my blog!