Monday, 31 May 2010

Welcome, Welcome!

I took the kids to a charity shop last week, & on the way home, Asher was telling me all about his adventures there.  He ran off as soon as we got into the shop to go see the ladies, since last time we were there, they had cupcakes in the break room, and he managed to finagle one for himself.  I guess he figured it was worth another shot.


So, he’s chattering away in the backseat, and I tune in just in time to hear him say, “One lady gave me a lollipop, and the other one gave me a welcome speech.”



I’m not sure exactly what the welcome speech entailed, but I never have to worry about him feeling comfortable when we go somewhere.  His first order of business lately, has been asking peoples’ names, and then telling them that he’s hungry.  You wouldn’t guess it by looking at him, but we DO feed the kid, quite frequently in fact, but all that running-after-people-to-make-them-talk-to-you must really work up an appetite!

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 3.5 years
Chancery – 1.5 years
***********************************************IMG_3540Chancery: “Oh where, oh where did Frisbee go?"

IMG_3541 Chancery: “Oh where, oh where could he be?”

IMG_3542 Chancery: “He was just right here a minute ago…”

Chancery: “Oh where, oh where is he?”

IMG_3543 Asher: “I don’t know.”

IMG_3545 Asher: “But I do have a special surprise for you
in this basket, Chancery.”

Chancery: “It’s FRISBEE!!!”

Friday, 28 May 2010

Can’t Get Enough of Facebook?

Sometimes I start to think of my life in third person, one-liners... wondering what to have for lunch
...can't find her keys
...'s kids are driving her CRAZY!!!

At least I'm not alone


Thursday, 27 May 2010

Getting Right Down To Business

Asher loved meeting people.  It takes us a sweet forever to get through the grocery store because he wants to know everyone’s name, and get the occasional handshake, along with asking when their birthday is.  So it was no surprise to me when, in Value Village, we came across a woman with a large tiger tattoo on her arm, that Asher had to strike up a conversation with her about it:


Asher: “What’s that?”


Lady: “It’s a tattoo…”

Lady: “…it’s kind of like colouring.”


Asher thought about it for a few moments, but the top half of it was covered by her sleeve.  Apparently there was only one solution for that.


Asher: “If you took your shirt off I could see the whole thing!”


She kindly lifted her sleeve so he could see it, rather than undressing in the middle of the book section.  I sometimes worry that someone might take one of his suggestions sometime, with disturbing results.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Making Plans

Chancery came up to me the other day & said, “I am running away.”


So I asked, “where are you going to go?”


Chancery: “Walmart.”


Me: “You’re going to Walmart?”


Chancery: “Yes, I am.”


Me: “Are you going to buy something?”


Chancery: “Yes.”


Me: “What are you going to buy?”


Chancery: “Popcorn”


We have a whole boxful in the basement, she could have just asked for some.  But I do understand her need to just get out of the house sometimes.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


I took the kids through the carwash a few days ago, and while we were waiting for the cars in front of us, Asher noticed the sign that read, “Clearance 7’ ”.  He asked me what it said, so I told him that it mean that if your vehicle is taller than seven feet tall, it would not be able to drive into the bay because it would bonk on the roof.


He was quiet in the back of the truck for awhile & suddenly exclaimed, “Mummy, I have 2 feet!”


“Yes you do,” I answered.


Asher: “…and Chancery has 2 feet!”


Me: “Yes she does.”


Asher: “…and YOU have 2 feet!”


Me: “That’s right!”


Asher: “…so we have 7 feet!  So we can’t go in there!”


He had his math a bit wrong, so I corrected him on that, but I wasn’t really sure how to tackle the whole ‘a foot on your body is different from a measuring foot’ conversation.  This English language is full of those little lessons, and I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for people of different languages to grasp it, but how do you describe it in simple terms, without having the advantage of being able to translate it to another language, to help you define it?

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 3.5 years
Chancery – 1.5 years
IMG_3501 Asher: “No matter what Mummy tries today, don’t smile.
Ok, Chancery?”

IMG_3502 Chancery: “Do you think we can do it?”

IMG_3504 Asher: “We’ll just have to try our best & see.”


IMG_3505 Chancery: “ASHER!!  What are you doing?  You have failed!”

IMG_3506 Asher: “What, I never smiled!”

Asher: “Well, OK, yes I did, but I JUST COULDN’T HELP IT!!!”

Friday, 21 May 2010

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Fair Treatment

Chancery seems to have taken a shine to the potty chair.  She constantly is asking to “poo on the potty, please!” and yet she has never attempted that feat.IMG_3385


The most common way for her to alert us that she wants to wee, is she says, “Chancery wants blue candy, please!”  And she seems to have the ability to wee on command no matter how short of a time it has been since she last wee’d on the potty.  She’s determined to get her candies! 


But now Asher thinks he needs a candy every time HE goes to the washroom as well.  We’ve tried explaining that when he was learning to use the toilet, he got candies too, but now that he knows how, he doesn’t need them anymore.  I’ve gone so far as to give him a candy when he poo’s just to even it up a little.


I know it does seem unfair to him that he’s not getting a Smartie for every trip he takes to the washroom, but he’s the one who gets a lollypop from the bank ladies, and then Chancery doesn’t.


So, we are hoping that he is learning that age brings DIFFERENT treats, rewards, & responsibilities, but on the other hand, he might just be learning that the world isn’t always fair.  I suppose they are both good lessons to learn.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Feeling Alright

IMG_3384Asher decided the other day that he had broken his foot, so he wrapped a blanket around his leg & I told him he should go see the doctor.  A few minutes later he went to lay down on the couch & said, “the doctor told me I need to have a rest.”

IMG_3381Never one to be left out of this kind of fun, Chancery followed suit, grabbing her baby, & asking me to help her onto the couch & put the blanket on her.

So, it might look like we’re suffering from some type of illness or lethargy, but don’t worry, we’re all feeling just dandy!IMG_3382IMG_3383

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Catching Rainbows

The people who owned our house before us, left a few sun catchers in some of the windows.  Throughout the day, the kids like to watch where the rainbows are, & try to catch them.



A few days ago, Asher was trying to get a rainbow on his hand & I kept blocking it, so it disappeared.  He wanted to know how I was making it go away, so I told him exactly where to stand.


Then I told him to turn around so the rainbow would be on his front, but since he’s so short, it ended up being on his face.


Since he still couldn’t see it, I took out the camera, and for the next 10 minutes, we had a rainbow photo shoot.


At one point, the rainbow seemed to disappear altogether, but then we finally spotted it.  Can you?

Monday, 17 May 2010

Latte Night

A few times a month, I host Latte Nights, where women can get together, enjoy a latte (or 2)…

& get to know each other better.  A few hours before everyone shows up, I always start to wonder why did I schedule this for TONIGHT?

But once the first person has arrived, and the lattes start flowing, & the girls start opening up & getting chatty, I remember why.
It’s a good way to foster & grow friendships.

I LOVE latte nights, & I love all the girls who come.
  Thanks for coming, Ladies (even if it is just for the lattes), I appreciate it!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 3.5 years
Chancery – 1.5 years
Asher: “I’m just going to practice a minute…”

Asher: “Daddy!  What are you doing here?”

Chancery: “You are throwing me off my game, Daddy.”

Daddy: “Say ‘cheese’, everyone!”

Chancery: “Well, I SUPPOSE I could smile.”

Chancery: “Ahh, Daddy left, so now Mummy can take our pictures.”

Asher: “No, Daddy’s taking our pictures, since he doesn’t have to work today!”

Chancery: “So we’re going to party & play games today?”

Asher: “That sounds like a GREAT idea!”

Chancery: “Wait for me, guys!”

Friday, 14 May 2010

Mommy Rhapsody

Here’s a cute tribute to Mommies from Church on the Move:


*Thanks to Natasha for the link!

Thursday, 13 May 2010


A few days ago, we had one of our “Miss Julie” friends come over to watch Chancery while I took Asher to swimming lessons.  We had a bit of confusion about which “Miss Julie” was coming over, since we know 3 women named Julie, who all interact with the kids on a semi-regular basis.

We usually refer to them in the order we met them as “Miss Julie”, “Different Miss Julie”, & “Different, Different Miss Julie” (we’re so creative, aren’t we?)  On this particular day, it was “Different, Different Miss Julie” who was coming over, but every time Asher tried to address her, he spend so much time saying “different” that he’d lose track of what he was going to tell her.

So, we decided that it was time to come up with another way of addressing “Different, Different Miss Julie”.  We ran through the regular gamut of names, such as “Miss Beatrice” & “Miss Ethel”, but between Asher & “Different, Different Miss Julie” they were all shot down.  And then, “DDMiss Julie” decided to throw “Miss Bertie” out as a suggestion & Asher latched onto it quite quickly & gave it a minor tweak, changing it to “Miss Birdie” instead & it stuck.

Quite soon after the name discussion, Asher & I left for the pool & we kind of figured that would be the end of the nickname, but once we got home, he continued to address her as such.  From now until he forgets about it, I believe her new moniker will be “Miss Birdy”.  Time to get used to answering to it!

There is a moral to this tale, be very careful around Asher about how you may refer to yourself, even if it’s purely in jest, he may just be the one who changes your name permanently!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Earnest Prayer

On Saturday, we stopped at Tim Horton’s for an iced coffee & some TimBits.  Asher saw that PChad & I had drinks, & I suppose he thought the iced coffee looked quite good, so he said, “Mummy, I like that drink with the straw!”

I told him, “It’s coffee & you aren’t allowed to have it because you’re too young.”

Asher decided to inform us, “When I’m one hundred and a half, I’ll be old enough, & then I will be able to have iced coffee.”

And then yesterday I over heard him pray, “Dear God, I wish I was one hundred, so I could drink iced coffee.”

Maybe we won’t make him wait quite that long.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

German Chocolate Upside Down Cake

I’ve had a few requests for the recipe for my German Chocolate Upside Down Cake & it’s super easy (as long as you make sure you have all the ingredients so you don’t have to run to the store 2 extra times, like I did!).

-Grease 9x13 pan & cover the bottom with coconut & chopped walnuts.

-Make boxed German Chocolate (or Swiss Chocolate) cake & pour over nuts, etc.

-1/2 C Margarine
-8oz Cream Cheese
Melt in medium saucepan over low heat, stirring constantly.

-Turn off heat & add 4 C Icing Sugar

-Drizzle over entire cake, DO NOT stir in!

-Bake at 350° for 35-45 minutes.
It’s so good, it doesn’t even need ice cream (but a scoop or two never hurt!)

Monday, 10 May 2010

Of All The Days To Say It…

…he would choose Mother’s Day.


I was putting Asher to bed last night, & before I left the room I gave him a kiss & said, “Good night.”  I heard a little voice behind me say, “Mummy?  Mummy.”


I replied, “Yes, Asher.” 


What was the thing he so had to tell me before I left the room?


“Mummy, I wiped the kiss off me because I don’t like Mother kisses.  I only like Daddy kisses.”


Well, thanks a lot, & I love you too, kid!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sunday Pictures: Mother's Day

Asher – 3.5 years
Chancery – 1.5 years
Asher: “Chancery, are you ready for our Mother’s Day performance?”

Asher: “Dear, Mother, we love you so…”

Asher: “Despite the times you tell us ‘no.’”

Asher: “We couldn’t possibly choose another…”

Chancery: “What’s my line?”

Chancery: “To take your place, because YOU are our mother!”

Chancery: “The END!”


Friday, 7 May 2010

If Only I Would Have Known…

When PChad & I got married, we decided to get a video made.  At the time, there weren't a whole lot of options in the realm of wedding videography, about the only thing separating different companies was the price, so we went with what we could afford.


Of course 11 years later, we never watch the video, and it sits collecting dust on a shelf.  Watching a wedding ceremony in it's entirety just doesn't sound like a fun thing to do on a Friday night.  Had THIS been an option, I think the story would have been quite different.


Your Wedding Video Sucks is a company that wants to change how wedding videos are made, and the end result is art.  They do both wedding and engagement videos, and if you're in the market for one of these, you should definitely check them out!

The Castle Wedding from Justin Metcalfe on Vimeo.



The Fleming Wedding from Justin Metcalfe on Vimeo.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Life Lessons & High Praise

The kids & I were at Zellers yesterday, picking up some things we needed.  I also use shopping trips as a way to kill time, and a method of teaching the kids self-control.

After we had gotten the things we needed, we headed off to the toy section to peruse what was there.  Here’s where the self-control lessons come in.  Asher is of the age that I can let him walk beside the cart, and as we walk the aisles, he checks out many of the toys.  But once I get to the end of the aisle, he has to catch up to where I am, & go tot he next aisle with me.  He may ask for toys, but he must not pitch a fit when I say “no.”  Sometimes it seems he asks for every single toy on an aisle, but he’s learning that sometimes I do say yes, but if he keeps asking & yunking for toys, I will often put something back on the shelf that I had previously said yes to.

Chancery is still confined to the cart, so she’s not grabbing toys off the shelves (unless I get the cart too close), and she hasn’t gotten to the stage that she asks to buy things yet.  She normally just people watches so she can say “Hi, Man!  Hi, Lady!” to everyone.

Barbie Fashion Fever Disco Ball Barbie Doll in Pink Mini Dress So we walked the toy aisles yesterday & as we looked, Chancery suddenly said, “Miss Danielle there!”  I looked around, but couldn’t see her anywhere, so I asked, “Where is Miss Danielle?”  Chancery pointed at the shelf near her & said, “Miss Danielle, right there!” 
…and she pointed to the display of Barbies.  Apparently she sees a strong resemblance between Miss Danielle & Barbie.  So, Congrats, Miss Danielle, you’re looking goooood!