Thursday, 21 May 2009

Making Friends

A few days ago we had the patio door open a bit because it was quite warm outside. Thanet was enjoying sniffing the breeze, when suddenly he started purr-meowing. There was another cat that had come to visit & he was quite excited about that. They sat together talking by the door for the next 3 hours until I closed it up for the night. Thanet was taking the submissive role; he kept rolling over by the door & putting his paws up. It was quite cute to watch him make a friend.

However, now that the weather has stayed warm, we have had to sleep with our windows open & nearly every night, multiple times, I hear, "Ye-ow, Ye-ow!" from down below.

The other cat showed up during snack time so I asked Asher if we should give him a name. He said, "Yes, his name is 'Candy Juice'!"

Me: "'Candy Juice'? What is 'Candy Juice'?"

Asher: "It's when you put a candy in your mouth & then you swallow it, then you get 'Candy Juice'!"

Sounds lovely, doesn't it? So, I guess Thanet's new friend has been dubbed "Candy Juice".

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