Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sunday Pictures: week 41

Asher - 2.5 years
Chancery - 9.5 months
Asher: "Chancery won't stay sitting down, Mum. I've tried holding
her down, but then she just screams, so I'm going to let her go now, ok?"

Chancery: "I have to stand up so everyone can see my pretty new skirt!"

Chancery: "And did you see my fancy leggings?"

Asher: "Yeah, yeah.... My trousers have pockets on the sides!"

Asher: "Did you get a shot of my slippers?"

Asher: "Here are our smiles!"

Chancery: "Go ahead & take a bow, Asher. That was pretty good!"

Friday, 29 May 2009

The Better To See You!

The kids & I were killing time in the drug store the other day & we passed an eyeglass display. Asher asked, "Are we getting those glasses?"

Me: "No, we don't need glasses."

Asher: "Why not? I need those glasses!"

Me: "Those glasses are for people who can't see very well, & we can see just fine without them."

Asher: "I can't see very well!"

Me: "Yes you can, you can see just fine."

Asher: "Not with my eyes closed, I can't!"

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Spring Planting

A few weeks ago we went to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank "Spring Planting" day. Though, I'm not sure they were planting anything, all I saw were a bunch of ploughs.

Asher really enjoyed getting to eat another hotdog, & we spent a few hours watching the old tractors & horses in the fields. Asher kept asking if he could go & ride the horses, so we had to explain that they were working & couldn't play with him at the moment.

After lunch we were listening to some of the entertainment, when the man beside us apparently burped.

Asher: "Daddy, that man had a burp."

Asher: "That man should say 'excuse me'."

Asher: "Man, say 'excuse me,' you had a burp."

Asher: "MAN! You had a burp, you should say, 'excuse me' now!"

I think the man heard just fine, but was studiously ignoring Asher's attempt to teach him good manners, we were at a farming demonstration after all, & if you can't openly burp there, where can you?

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

A Newfangled Invention

Last weekend we had a ladies conference & as I was packing up the kids to leave, Asher stopped because he saw a very interesting sight. He began to question what was happening:

"What are you doing, Man? What is that thing in your hand, Man?"

Me: "He's mopping the floor."

Asher: "Why? What is that thing in his hand?"

Me: "Well, the floor is dirty, & he's washing it with the mop."

Asher: "Can I watch?"

I guess mopping is a totally foreign concept to him....

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Coming Attractions: a review

The nice people at Zondervan were generous enough to send me a copy of Coming Attractions by Robin Jones Gunn a few weeks ago & I just have to say that I was more than a little excited to get to read the 3rd installment of the Katie Weldon Series.

If you are not familiar with these books, Robin first wrote the Christy Miller Series, followed it with the Sierra Jensen Series, & the College Years. I have been following these characters since I was in grade 7. When I saw last year that Robin was starting another series about Christy's friend Katie, I could hardly believe it. These books were great in jr. high & I have found them to remain enjoyable over the years.

In this series, we are following Katie on her journey through college; watching her balance her courses, work & relationships. About halfway through the second book, I could see where the story was headed, but because of the great writing, I was still eager to read HOW they would get to that end. It took to the end of this book to get there, but unlike many other Christian fiction I have read, I didn't find the book to be filled with a bunch of "filler" just to take up space on the page in order to make the book longer.

The characters are deep & true to life. Things don't always work out the way they want them to, & they haven't always had easy lives. It made me think back to my college days & be thankful for the times I had, but also thankful that they are over! No more exams!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Going Green Is Overrated

A few weeks ago, my grocery store started charging 5¢ for each plastic bag. So I dutifully bought a few of the fabric bags they sell. Unfortunately, even though I keep the bags in the truck, I never can seems to remember to take them into the store. Every week I pick my grocery list up off the bags & leave them behind, never even THINKING about them until I am in the checkout queue.

So today, before we left the house, I told Asher to remind me to take the bags out of the truck once we got to the store. As soon as we got there, he repeatedly told me to take the bags, even after I showed him that I had them in my hand. But he did his job & I remembered to take the bags in this time.

I got to the checkout & put my bags up on the belt, only to have the man put the bags at the end of the counter & roll all my groceries towards me. I read his body language to indicate that he was not going to be bagging my groceries for me today.

Call me snooty if you want, but I did not get trained in the art of bagging groceries, & I do not know the proper technique. My brother used to work at a grocery store, & I know that one of the things they were trained to do, was properly bag groceries.

I think next time I'd rather pay the 25¢ to have the cashiers bag my stuff.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Sunday Pictures: week 40

Asher - 2.5 years
Chancery - 9 months
Chancery: "Hey, did you notice something different about this couch?"

Asher: "What do you mean?"

Chancery: "It seems to be a bit shorter than normal."

Asher: "You're right! I'm at one end & you're at the other,
but we're not as far apart as normal!"

Asher: "And there's a window right here! That's definitely different."

Chancery: "Check out this big thing on the front!"

Asher: "I measured it, & it's definitely a different couch!"

Chancery: "Hey, there's Mummy!"

Asher: "I'll hold Chancery so we can be done.
I have books that won't read themselves!"

Friday, 22 May 2009

A Steal Of A Deal

A few weeks ago we went to a community garage sale charity event. It was held at the Civic Centre, so it was quite a large sale, w/ lots of items to browse through. I immediately went to check out the kids' toys tables to see if I could find any old Fisher Price toys (I was quite pleased to find the zoo) & left PChad w/ the kids to look around at some other things.

Just was we were leaving, PChad noticed a folding chair at one end of the centre with a poster board on it. There were some pictures of 2 pianos & a sheet for bidding on them for a silent auction. PChad picked the nicer of the 2 & put his name for the minimum bid. We knew we probably wouldn't win it b/c it was a rather low amount & it was quite a nice paino.

Much to our surprise, we got a call the next night to tell us we had WON the piano. I'm guessing that since it wasn't in a very obvious spot, not a whole lot of other people noticed it. I had walked by that area at least 3 times & not taken any notice of the chair w/ the poster board.

When we went to pick it up, the man kept asking, "Are you SURE you don't want to write the cheque for a larger amount? It's for CHARITY after all!" But we are satisfied with the price we paid & the deal we got.

Asher is quite pleased with our "new" piano. He likes to sing & play the piano at the same time, which has proven an effective tool to keep him occupied for MINUTES at a time!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Making Friends

A few days ago we had the patio door open a bit because it was quite warm outside. Thanet was enjoying sniffing the breeze, when suddenly he started purr-meowing. There was another cat that had come to visit & he was quite excited about that. They sat together talking by the door for the next 3 hours until I closed it up for the night. Thanet was taking the submissive role; he kept rolling over by the door & putting his paws up. It was quite cute to watch him make a friend.

However, now that the weather has stayed warm, we have had to sleep with our windows open & nearly every night, multiple times, I hear, "Ye-ow, Ye-ow!" from down below.

The other cat showed up during snack time so I asked Asher if we should give him a name. He said, "Yes, his name is 'Candy Juice'!"

Me: "'Candy Juice'? What is 'Candy Juice'?"

Asher: "It's when you put a candy in your mouth & then you swallow it, then you get 'Candy Juice'!"

Sounds lovely, doesn't it? So, I guess Thanet's new friend has been dubbed "Candy Juice".

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Such Excitement!

PChad wanted me to find some Red Curry Powder for him last week & after striking out at our regular grocery store & Walmart, the kids & I headed to another large grocery store in town. As we walked in the door, we were handed a piece of cake, which delighted Asher to no end. Since eating cake & pushing a cart at the same time can prove to be a difficult task, we stopped to eat our cake a minute. Asher asked, "Why are we eating our cake by the onions?"

We explored the aisles a bit since I'm not very familiar with the store. In one aisle, Asher told a woman, "Look, Lady, we have cake! But Mummy's not eating it all because then she would be too full for lunch!"

As we left the store, they were handing out free hot dogs, hamburgers & soda. Since it was nearly lunchtime, I figured Asher & I could get hot dogs & take them home for lunch. Asher asked, "Why are you giving us hot dogs, Lady?"

When I was putting the kids in the truck I put the hot dogs in the front seat. Asher became very worried that I might lose his hot dog & asked, "Where is my hot dog?"

I asked Asher what he was going to have for lunch & he replied, "I'm having a HOT DOG!"

I asked what Daddy was going to have for lunch (since I was giving mine to him), "Daddy's having a hot dog TOO!"

After I got in the truck I heard from the backseat, "Let's do high-five because we have HOT DOGS!"

And so we did.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Monday, 18 May 2009

I Guess So

Asher has a new naptime trick. He waits until I have Chancery down for her nap & then comes out of his room claiming he has to wee. We quick run to the washroom, get him situated on the tiolet, only to sit & wait & nothing happens.

I ask, "Do you have to wee, or did you just want to get out of bed?"

"I have to wee," he replies.

Me: "Well, then tell the wee to come out, because it's naptime right now."

Asher: "COME OUT, WEE!"

Me: "Are you going to wee, or not?"

Asher: "Maybe not."

So we put his pants back on, & once again he goes off to bed. However, the other day as he was walking back to his room, he turned back to me & said in a sad voice, "I guess I'll just have to wee in my big boy pants then."

But he was still dry after his nap.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Sunday Pictures: week 39

Asher - 2.5 years
Chancery - 9 months

Chancery: "I heard you crying last night, was everything ok?"

Asher: "Yes, I just kept having to wee."

Asher: "Well, that's what I TOLD them anyways!"

Chancery: "But you were so LOUD, then I couldn't sleep!"

Asher: "Sorry about that, Chancery, I'll try not to do it again.....
Hey, where are you going?"

Chancery: "I think it's time to have a nap. I'm just so TIRED!"

Friday, 15 May 2009

How Can You Tell?

Asher was sitting at the table yesterday when he turned to me & said, "Mummy, I am a big boy because I have a big head."

I replied, "Oh, really?"


I guess he felt that he needed to emphasize that that was the way to tell if someone was a big boy or not since he had just poo'd in his pants not long before that & I had told him that that wasn't something a big boy would do.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Is It A Good Deal?

A few days ago I took the kids to a charity shop that we don't go to very frequently b/c it involves lots of stairs & there are no carts in which to contain the children. As we walked in the door, immediately in front of us was a large rack of children's books, and the price was right at 3 for 25¢. I let Asher go look at the toys since it wasn't far from where I was stationed, & Chancery was in the car seat, so she wasn't going anywhere & was quite easy to keep an eye on.

Almost immediately he found something to play with & I didn't pay much attention to what it was until he drove it over to me. He said, "Look, Mummy, I have a truck!" He was so thrilled with his truck, he just drove in & out b/w the rack of clothes & the ladies at the shop seemed to enjoy him driving up & showing off "his truck".

When it was time to go, I made him park it back where he'd found it & there wasn't much of a fight. I think he's gotten to the point where he knows it's futile, so he doesn't bother much anymore. We made our purchase & got halfway down the stairs when I began to think that maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to get the truck. I tried calling PChad to see what he thought about it, but he wasn't available, so I did the next best thing.... I asked Asher what he thought we should do.

Of course he said we should buy it & at only $20, I I figured we'll get our money's worth out of it. I decided it would make a good birthday present for him next month, so I am hoping Asher doesn't ask about it TOO much until then, but I know he'll be thrilled when he finally gets it.... Shoot, I wish I could fit in it too. It looks like it'd be a TON of fun!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Potty Training Asher: day 8

Potty training has gone surprisingly well so far. Asher got sick on day 3, so we resorted to pull-ups for the next few days, but apparently having put him in big boy pants for a day & a half taught him what he was NOT supposed to do in his pants.

He has an AMAZING ability to hold his wee for HOURS on end. I keep asking if he has to go & it seems he never has to, but he's not having accidents either, so that's a plus. I have put him in pull-ups almost everyday for the last week, just in case, since we've been going out quite a bit, but he hasn't wee'd in his pants once.

Unfortunately, he must have decided to hold off on pooing & then created a problem he couldn't fix. Saturday he spent more time sitting on the potty than not b/c he kept feeling like he had to go. We didn't have success there yet. He manages to go whenever he has "sleeping pants" (aka diapers) on. I'm not too sure how we are going to overcome that problem yet, if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Good Morning!

As requested by my parents, Asher singing the "Good Morning" song. With his own ending added off the cuff. It's one thing to hear him sing it on the phone, it's another to see him perform it.

In this video, he actually dialed it down a bit. Usually his head is swaying from side to side the whole time, much like Ray Charles'


Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sunday Pictures: week 38

Asher - 2.5 years
Chancery - 8.5 months

Chancery: "I see you eyeing my lego, but you may NOT have it!"

Chancery: "I think I'll put my piece up here so he doesn't take it."

Asher: "Hmmm, I wonder how I can get that piece from her."

Chancery: "Not a chance, Bub! I know what you are up to!"

Asher: "I'm sure I don't know WHAT Chancery's talking about!"

Asher: "Look over there!"

Asher: "Please may I have it?"

Asher: "Maybe if I act uninterested...."

Chancery: "I think the only way of keeping it safe is to EAT it!"

"Ok, kids, how about a smile!"

Chancery: "Sorry, Mum, but Asher's going to try nicking
my lego & I have to save it!"


Chancery: "Ok, I'll smile, but this piece is MINE!"

Friday, 8 May 2009

The Ants Go Marching

For the past week we have had an ant problem. I believe it all started last week, when the power was out & Asher was helping me put some groceries away. Somehow a bottle of juice was dropped on the floor & half the contents spilled out & under the fridge.

Since the power was out, I decided I might as well wait until the power was back on so I could use my steam mop to clean up the mess. Then, since housecleaning isn't the highest priority on my list, it was suddenly a week later & the mess still hadn't been cleaned up. So a few days ago, PChad & I pulled out the fridge & properly cleaned up under it.

We were alerted to the ant problem by Thanet. He has a very distinctive cry that he makes when he is doing something he knows he shouldn't be doing (like going into the washroom, climbing on the counters, etc.). The other day he was in the hallway & started doing the cry, so I went to see what he was up to. He was chasing an ant down the hall & perhaps he just wanted me to know there was an intruder in the house.

These ants are not the small ants that I am used to seeing in a house. They are the larger, garden variety ants that you'd commonly find on an anthill outdoors. Every now & then, Thanet will decide to sniff one, but I think they have pinched him a time or two b/c he ends up shaking his head & running away.

We don't really know where they are coming from, but we tend to find them in the vicinity of the fridge. Thanet has taken up his post & can be found in front of the fridge for a large percentage of his day. When one appears, he lets us know with is little cry, sometimes he'll even sit up & point his paw at the ant, keeping a safe distance.

There aren't a ton of them, we kill around 20 a day. I'm hoping they disappear soon, though. I really hate creepy, crawly things! Chancery has suddenly taken a liking to watching them & I hope she doesn't end up sampling one, like she does everything else she finds on the floor. Although, I hear in some countries, ants are considered a delicacy!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Potty Training Asher: Day 2

Up 'til naptime, here are the stats

Wet Pants: 5

Wet Shorts: 2

Wee in the Potty: 2

Not too shabby for the first real morning. Still haven't seen any sign of #2, hopefully that one goes where it's supposed to. I'm not really looking forward to cleaning up an accident of that.

The last accident happened just before naptime, so I was going to put a diaper on, but Asher started yelling, "No baby pants! I don't want baby pants!" So we resorted to a pull-up. It was a good compromise. However, we're still going to have to use diapers at night b/c I'm not sure a pull-up could hold it all. Not sure how I'm going to win that battle yet.....

A Tribute

Perhaps not it's not the normal thing you'd hear at a funeral, but it might be one of the more honest remembrances.

People always say there are things (like their spouse's snoring) they won't miss, but those are the common everyday things that are missed the most.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Another Failed Attempt?

Yesterday was the last day of Coffee Break at our church, so after we got home, I promptly took Asher out of his diaper & put some "Big Boy" pants on him. I explained that if he had to wee, he had to run to the potty, or he'd get wet all down his legs & he'd get his big boy pants wet.

We went downstairs & I rolled up the rug in the living room (hey, I KNOW there will be accidents) & said a little thank-you prayer for hardwood & tile throughout our home. We got through lunch fine without any accidents, but about 20 minutes later Asher came running into the kitchen saying, "I have to wee, Mummy! I have to WEE!" But it was too late & since it was close to naptime I put him back in a diaper.

After his nap, we had to run to a few stores, so I left him in a diaper, but once we got home he was into big boy pants again. he didn't last 10 minutes before he came running, but once again it was too late & his pants took the brunt of it... or so I thought.

I looked into the living room & there was a huge puddle & a little trail leading into the kitchen. I would have put him in another pair of big boy pants, but that was all I had.....

So, today, after naps, we are off to buy some more! I know there will be many accidents yet, but I have faith that he'll get it figured out at some point (hopefully sooner than later). I don't mind switching him back into diapers if we have to go somewhere, as long as he starts to get the concept of figuring out the signals before the event.

Luckily for me, he had run out of big boy pants before he did his dirty business!

Monday, 4 May 2009

A New Toy?

We bought Asher a wagon a few weeks ago & last Saturday PChad & Asher put it together (though I'm told PChad did most the work). I put Chancery in Asher's lap & pulled him around a bit, which he really enjoyed, but then he wanted to pull it. So out he hopped. Then he complained that he had nothing to put in the wagon, so I suggested picking up the sticks from the front yard & putting THEM in the wagon.

His most frequent request these days is to go outside & pick up sticks & put them in the wagon.

We had a hard time convincing him to come in from outside the other day. He finally came in b/c we promised him he could go out again later & pick up more sticks (I'm not against child labour!) His wagon had gotten full, so we had to dump it out on the compost pile. Later when we sent him back out, he filled his wagon rather quickly. We discovered that he had merely picked the sticks back up from the pile & deposited them in the wagon. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

When PChad was a boy, one of the jobs they were given on the farm, was to pick up nails from the yard. They would receive 5¢ for each one they brought to their dad. PChad seemed to find considerably more than his sisters did, so his dad decided to watch him one day. PChad's system? Pick the nails back out of the trash & return them once again to his dad.

Like father, like son!