Thursday, 7 May 2009

Potty Training Asher: Day 2

Up 'til naptime, here are the stats

Wet Pants: 5

Wet Shorts: 2

Wee in the Potty: 2

Not too shabby for the first real morning. Still haven't seen any sign of #2, hopefully that one goes where it's supposed to. I'm not really looking forward to cleaning up an accident of that.

The last accident happened just before naptime, so I was going to put a diaper on, but Asher started yelling, "No baby pants! I don't want baby pants!" So we resorted to a pull-up. It was a good compromise. However, we're still going to have to use diapers at night b/c I'm not sure a pull-up could hold it all. Not sure how I'm going to win that battle yet.....


  1. Great! He used the potty!

  2. Just finishing up here with Oliver and feeling your pain ...

  3. We did pull-ups during the day and diapers at night for a while with Peter too for the same reason. He actually made up a song one day called "Diapers in the night, and Pull-ups in the day." It's pretty hilarious. It's gradually changed and now we're to the "underwear in the night and underwear in the day" version! Don't worry, Asher will get there too. :)