Tuesday, 22 January 2008

An Experiment in Dining Alone

This weekend I went down to Grand Rapids for a Seminary Wives retreat. It was really fun, and I really enjoyed the opportunity to get away for awhile. It was nice to hear a crying child & know I had no responsibility for it!
On my way home it was about 6pm and I decided I had too far to go yet to make it home before I ate. I didn't really feel like fast food, so I decided to eat at Ruby Tuesdays. I didn't actually feel that weird going into the restaurant by myself. I figure lots of people go in alone, usually they end up meeting someone, but I could go in and wait for a table alone. So I put my name on the list and waited for them to call me. The manager came up to me about 10 minutes later to inform me that "your table is almost ready. We're just getting it ready. It shouldn't be much longer." I appreciated her telling me that, but her tone of voice was like I must be retarded to be there alone. I felt like telling her that just b/c someone comes to a restaurant alone doesn't mean there's something wrong with them.
So after a few more minutes I was seated at my table. I perused the menu, chose my dinner, and THEN I started to feel a bit awkward. I had no one to talk to, nothing to look at, I didn't want to eavesdrop on someone else's conversation (more about that later), I didn't want to stare at the couple across the way with twins b/c I'm sure they get enough of that everywhere they go.... I was really glad there are TVs in that restaurant, even though they were all election coverage, at least I now know what's going on in the political realm. Even so, I still felt a bit funny sitting alone and watching the TV. I felt like I'd be better off with a book.
Incidentally, while trying NOT to eavesdrop, a new family was seated at the table next to me. They had 3 daughters aged from 13 to about 4. The oldest was protesting quite loudly that she wasn't allowed to have MySpace, and she didn't think that was fair. The mother said "we'll discuss this later." Which prompted the daughter to ask when "later" might be. Apparently the girl's birthday is in March, at which point she will be eligible for a MySpace account, and she didn't see any reason why she shouldn't be able to get one then. The mother said that they would discuss it after her birthday in March. "I can get it after my birthday in March?" "No, we'll DISCUSS it after your birthday in March, and I don't want to hear another word about it until then." At which point the 4 year old daughter says, "She gets MySpace after her birthday?" Mother is about to lose it here folks! "No, we'll DISCUSS it then, and I don't want to hear another word about it from ANYONE until then."
Oh, the joys of parenthood, something to look forward to.

Monday, 14 January 2008

The Power of Suggestion

So, I'm pregnant..... I feel gross in the mornings, I feel gross whenever I have to cook something, and I feel gross whenever Asher makes me spin around (but he enjoys it so!). I'm really hoping that in a few weeks I'll go back to feeling somewhat normal again. I don't think it lasted very long when I was pregnant with Asher. I remember pregnancy being Wonderful!
The other day Asher and Chad were watching Fraggles. I was reading a book b/c I find the Fraggles to be quite annoying. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of the Muppets, just can't stand the Fraggles. Anyway, the guy and his dog were discussing a donut...... I then wanted a donut, so off to Tim's we went!
A few days later I was watching Gilmore Girls, and they made Cinnamon rolls. Cue a trip to the store for some Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls! Granted, what I really wanted was Cinnabon, but I couldn't justify a trip into London just for some Cinnamon Rolls.
It should be interesting to see what the next 7 months bring!

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

I Must Be Quite Thick

It has taken me about 8 years to realize that my best friend, was just that. MY best friend. I always knew that she had other friends that were closer to her, and that was fine. Recently it dawned on me that I've been making all the effort for the past.... oh, 8 years or so. We don't live close so that makes things a bit harder, but even so, there's alot of things one can do these days to stay in touch. It's just a bit disappointing. I figured we'd always keep in touch and talk about whatever. It seems I'm not even worth talking to at all. It's not that I don't think I'm worthwhile (I know I'm pretty cool), I just wish she'd make a bit more effort.... or any effort at all.

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Yesterday was a pretty good day

Yesterday Asher was sick. He had a pretty high fever, and whenever he finally got out of bed, he'd ask for a drink, some bread, followed by a return to bed. All in all he spent 5 hours out of bed. I had the most wonderful day! Of course I was housebound, so that put a bit of a kink in the day as I had things I was supposed to go out and do, but all in all, a day spent indoors while your child sleeps isn't a bad day! I read, I finished season 7 of Gilmore Girls, I mucked about on the computer for awhile.... Of course, today he seems to be making up for lost time. He just tipped over his toy basket and announced that he made a "mess."

Saturday mornings we usually go to McDonald's for breakfast. I'm not sure when this tradition started, but Asher has really gotten into it. This morning (after we made sure he wasn't sick anymore), we asked him if he'd like to go to McDonald's. His response was, "Eat, Pancakes." Funny how he knows that in the mornings he gets pancakes there, b/c at any other time of the day he merely says "eat" if we talk about McD's.