Wednesday, 13 January 2016

It's Been Quiet Around Here!

...because my life has become chaotic!  Our moving truck finally arrived 5 days after we had first expected it,
but apparently something had gotten missed from head office to the moving men, because they didn't know they were supposed to assemble any furniture as had been promised in our contract.  We have been talking to head office for several days, & they have been doing their best to work with the crew here to get things done, but alas, it was not meant to be.  Now, after sleeping on mattresses on the floor for nearly a week, we have been told a NEW crew was hired & will come tomorrow to assemble the beds, couches, desk, shelving units, & jewelry cabinet.  We were starting to take bets on what would come first, our internet provider, or the furniture assembly crew.  Well, they are both coming tomorrow!

In the meantime my parents have come back up & been helping me go through each & every box to check the contents for damage.  I have to commend the kitchen guy who packed all of our things in PEI.  He did a great job, & there were only 2 broken kitchen items.  If only the rest of his crew had taken lessons from him!  I think a pack of monkeys might have done about as good a job packing some of these boxes!

Once we have all the furniture put together I can get started on putting everything where it is supposed to go, though we have discovered that our house has no coat closets!  None by the front door, none by the garage, not even a linen closet!  I know what I'm going to look for in our next house!  Then, once I have furniture, & stuff where it goes, I will be able to go buy groceries! and various things from Costco & Walmart to help us organize our closetless house!  And I will have internet, & I can put my computer together on a desk!  And then I will join the real world once again.  Until then you can find me carrying various items through my house with a crazed look on my face muttering, "Now where should this go?"  Visitors are welcome, especially if you come bearing Starbucks!

Monday, 4 January 2016

We Have A House!

We have a HOUSE!

Sorry, it just takes a bit for it to really sink in!  We sold our house in PEI in August, & January 1st we got the keys to our BC house!  We had a group of people from the church come & help clean.  We washed all the walls & cupboards, tubs, showers, & stoves (they were gross!)  We had requested for our household goods to arrive January 2, but that didn't happen, so instead we did some touch-up painting.

We did a few coats even since there are 2 very similar taupe colours (light & dark), we picked the light one & put it on the dark wall, discovered that was wrong, then painted the darker colour everywhere, only to find that the first room was the only dark room, so we had to repaint most of the spots again with the lighter colour! Phew!

I have been in touch with the moving company trying to get a date of when our stuff is coming (we are eager to make our house our HOME!), but unfortunately living at the top of a cul-de-sac has its drawbacks.  A big moving truck can't fit, so they have to put all our stuff in 2 smaller trucks, so now it's supposed to come on the 7th.  Hopefully there are no further delays, but hey, it's been 5 months already.  What's another few days?

Friday, 1 January 2016

Christmas With The Folks

Living in BC has a few perks.  One big one is that we are only 4 hours from my parents.  So, for the first time in 9 years, we got to spend the holidays together!  We headed down on Christmas day, & had a nice meal around the dining room table on china plates, & crystal, complete with wine for the adults, & sparkling cider (for me, the kids don't like sparkly drinks)!

On Boxing day we opened our gifts, & the kids were delighted about the cereal tradition that lives on!

 Who wouldn't be excited about Christmas Crunch?

 Chancery was excited about getting the entire boxed set of Roald Dahl books.  "I love these books!"

PChad got some London Tea.  It's always a bit of an experiment if the tea will be any good.  Last year I got him some really cute tins of tea & the tea in them was gross, but the tins were super cute!  Hopefully this box is good tea!

Asher opened Inside out, which we have seen a few times & is a very fitting film for our family in the midst of our transition. 

This was the highlight of the day.  Grandma opened a gift card to a restaurant & the card said, "Will you go on a date with me?"
Grandma replied, "Yes I will!"
To which Asher replied, "It's not from me!  It's from Grandpa!"

On Sunday we went to my parents church, & the new pastor there is a friend of ours from seminary.  Pastor Jacob's wife, Kami, is one of my best friends.  She & I were pregnant with our first kids at the same time, & got to spend the first year of being new moms together.  After church they came to my parents house for lunch & we spent the afternoon catching up & enjoying each others' company.  We do not get a chance to see each other very often, so it was nice to get to be together most of the day.

Monday we all headed up to an extended family Christmas celebration with cousins from near & far.  My cousin from Hawaii was visiting with her son, as well as a lot of local cousins, & we had a nice evening despite not playing a single round of Dutch Blitz.  We must be getting older!

Then Grandma & Grandpa left with Asher & Chancery to go back home, & PChad & I went back to BC.  Grandma & Grandpa had always said they wanted to spend more time with the grandkids, so we let them have them for a whole week!