Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

After 2 months of sheer drudgery at bedtime (crying, nonstop nursing, general sleeplessness) we finally HAD it! Asher simply would not sleep unless Chad or I was holding him. He wanted company. He did not need to eat, for he was nursing simply b/c that meant somone was there w/ him. His diaper was clean. He was tired, but strong willed.
After 2 weeks of trying a technique in which we would go in every 5 min, and he would cry for 4 hours, we finally decided to let him cry until he fell asleep on his own. Three days later we are all sleeping at night. No more tip-toeing around once he's in bed. If he wants to wake up and cry for awhile that's ok! He goes to sleep like an angel, wakes up once to nurse, and generally sleeps about 11 hours at night now. PRAISE THE LORD!