Monday, 25 May 2009

Going Green Is Overrated

A few weeks ago, my grocery store started charging 5¢ for each plastic bag. So I dutifully bought a few of the fabric bags they sell. Unfortunately, even though I keep the bags in the truck, I never can seems to remember to take them into the store. Every week I pick my grocery list up off the bags & leave them behind, never even THINKING about them until I am in the checkout queue.

So today, before we left the house, I told Asher to remind me to take the bags out of the truck once we got to the store. As soon as we got there, he repeatedly told me to take the bags, even after I showed him that I had them in my hand. But he did his job & I remembered to take the bags in this time.

I got to the checkout & put my bags up on the belt, only to have the man put the bags at the end of the counter & roll all my groceries towards me. I read his body language to indicate that he was not going to be bagging my groceries for me today.

Call me snooty if you want, but I did not get trained in the art of bagging groceries, & I do not know the proper technique. My brother used to work at a grocery store, & I know that one of the things they were trained to do, was properly bag groceries.

I think next time I'd rather pay the 25¢ to have the cashiers bag my stuff.


  1. I totally agree with you there, I would rather spend the extra quarter and get service. Randall however is different. He bought 7 of those black bins a couple of weeks ago, and expects everyone to go shopping with them. Needless to say, everyone would just rather leave them behind (or conveniently forget them) and buy the bags instead.
    By the way on last Sundays pictures I can see some beautiful gardens in the background. Make sure you read a chapter in your new book each day.

  2. Seriously? They didn't bag for you? I'd be in the market for a new .... ummmm ... *market*. :-)

  3. I can't believe they didn't bag them for you. They bag for me at Central Market if I bring my bags