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Sunday Pictures: week 49

Chancery: "Mum, have you noticed there is an impostor behind me today?"

Asher: "That's just our cousin Paige!
She's here visiting & wanted to pose with us!"

Chancery: "Ok, ok, I guess she can be in our picture."

Asher: "She has a nice smile too!"

Thursday, 23 July 2009


About 5 years ago, I worked at a medical office, where to say the office manager was unique would be a severe understatement. I started out working in the file room, since I had no previous experience in the medical field, & apparently only people really desperate for jobs apply for such a position.

When I first started, I was told that the dress-code merely stated we were not permitted to wear jeans or shorts. I went to the nearest charity shop & grabbed myself a few pairs of khakis & teamed them up with t-shirt from my closet & called it good.

All went merrily for the first 6 or 7 months, when suddenly the office manager decided we should wear uniforms. We were told we would now be required to wear khaki or white trousers, paired with a lovely, plain navy t-shirt, which she decreed she would not order anything smaller than a large. A few of us tried to reason with her to no avail, she wouldn't budge. So we decided to make the best of it..... They were HUGE! We knew we looked ridiculous, but there was nothing we could say or do to get her to admit that something should be done.

About a year later, after many patients commented on how unprofessional we looked, she finally decided it was time for new uniforms. I think what finally tipped her off, was the letter a patient sent in to one of the doctors stating that we all looked like greenhouse workers.

The new uniform was an improvement, a pale blue polo shirt, in an array of sizes including S-XXL. This new top was to be worn only with white trousers, which required the implementation of "The Underwear Rule".

The Underwear Rule stated:
-one MUST wear underwear.
-said underwear is to be full-bottomed (no thongs)
-all underwear must be plain white (no polka-dots, stripes, and no 'nude' coloured panties)

This, of course, sent me once again to the charity stores, for I was unaccustomed to wearing white trousers & they are not the easiest thing to find when you're on a budget & it's the middle of winter.

Not long after, I discovered I was pregnant. Lucky for me, there was always a steady stream of employees leaving for greener pastures. So I just asked them if they wouldn't mind handing over their old uniform shirts & slowly progressed from a size S to XL over the course of the next 9 months. And since most of the white trousers I had found in the charity shops were meant for a generation older than I, they had elastic waistbands which worked a charm.

There was a brief moment of insanity in which our office manager contemplated the implementation of a "shirts must be tucked in" rule (she was nothing, if not a control-freak), but we quickly showed her the folly of such a rule.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Reconstructing Natalie -review

I was a bit put-off by the opening lines of the book. It's not too often that you open a Christian fiction book to chapter 1 & read, "I'm a bit obsessed with breasts."

In fact, I believe this is the third time I have picked up this book to read, but I had never made it past the first few lines before. Sometimes you just have to be in the right mood to read a book & I found that to be the case with this one, for me.

It's the story of a 27 year-old, single woman who discovers that he has breast cancer. I found it to be a humorous, honest story, following her journey through the valley she found herself in. It deviated from the typical "chick-lit" story, in that there were quite a few low points in the story, but altogether it was an enjoyable read.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Please, With Cherries On Top!

While grocery shopping last week, I noticed that cherries were on sale, so we decided to buy some instead of grapes. Asher has been enjoying this deviation from the normal fruit, although it does create a bit more work for us.

The other day he said, "Daddy, I would like some cherries, but can you take the nipples out of them for me?"

And it's just not that easy to get nipples out of cherries.........

Monday, 20 July 2009

Now & Always -review

Katie is devoted to help others. She operates a private shelter for battered & abused women. Lately there have been some strange occurrences & it seems that the shelter's funds have dried up as well. Things aren't easy & it's getting harder & harder for Katie to determine God's will.

I found this book to be a pretty easy read. I enjoyed that the ending wasn't obvious throughout the story. It was a bit of a deviation from your run of the mill "Chick-Lit" books in that the main character was empowered ("I am woman, hear me roar") & yet had the women staying at the shelter as a support group.

I had not read any of Lori Copeland's books before, but I'm looking forward to seeing what else she's got out there.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Sunday Pictures: week 48

Asher: "Chancery, you need to sit down so Mum can take some pictures."

Chancery: "WHY do I have to sit here? I want to GO!"

Asher: "These photoshoots are getting harder & harder to do, Mummy."

Chancery: "So you want me to come over here & smile for you?"

Chancery: "How's this?"

Friday, 17 July 2009

Family Photo -2009

It was requested that I post the family picture which correlates with the broken foot. Was it worth it?

PChad, me, Chancery, Auntie Brenda, Uncle Brian, Auntie Sharon, Uncle Kurt
Asher, Grandpa, Meghan, Grandma & Layne

Thursday, 16 July 2009

May I Help You?

Last Sunday PChad said something in his sermon along the lines of, "it's really hard to accept help." It really struck me then, & in the past few days I've been thinking about it more & more.

When people offer us help, out gut reaction is to say, "Oh no, I'm fine!" even if we are not. Kind of like when we are asked how we are doing, we automatically say "Good!" The funny thing is though that if we say we don't need help & then the offering party takes our answer at face value, we get all offended & declare, "No one even CARES that I might need help!" We suddenly seem to forget that we WERE offered assistance & turned it down saying that we were managing fine on our own.

Sometimes there are people who insist on helping despite our protests, but I wonder why we aren't more honest in the first place. Sure, sometimes people ask to be polite & they don't really want to take action, but just think of what might happen if we were more willing to accept offers of help!

If we started to answer honestly that we could really use a meal, or someone to watch the kids, or a ride somewhere, or just a visit, wouldn't that bond us together more? And if, when we offered to help someone, if they accepted graciously, wouldn't that make us feel helpful, useful, wanted as well? All these fellowship opportunities are being wasted, & we can't figure out why we don't know the people in our communities anymore.

It's high time we stopped being so insular & start reaching out to help & to be helped.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Cocktails For Three -review

Pen names, I don't understand why authors use them. Ok, I suppose if you are starting out in a different genre from whatever your current one is, but why write under 2 names in the same genre?

Madeline Wickham, is also known as Sophie Kinsella, author of the Shopaholic series. I knew there were more books by here out there, but I couldn't remember her "new" name. I picked up this book a few weeks ago, pleased to discover that I had found her other works!

It took me a few chapters to really get into this book, but I think that had more to do with the fact that I had just finished a REALLY captivating read, more than the book itself.

Three co-workers & friends meet monthly after work for cocktails. On the night that we meet them, they are all hiding secrets from each other & we start to see their lives unravel as they keep shutting each other out to live in their own private hells.

Maggie is going through the self-doubt of first time motherhood. Not sure she is doing the right things, but not sure of the questions to ask. Candice is trying to right the wrongs from her past, & Roxanne's secret lover has suddenly started acting very strangely.....

I found the story to be very believable, & enjoyed getting to read another book from this great author.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Drip, Drop

Last week, with the family all here, we had a good time. There was one morning that I think back on especially when I'm sitting in the kitchen.....


*knock knock*


*knock knock knock*



I roll over & check the alarm clock, it reads 2:45. Is that really someone knocking on our bedroom door? I guess I'd better check.

I open the door to reveal my brother Brian, quite alert for this time of day. This had better not be a "come see the sunrise" invitation.

"You might want to wake up PChad. We have a water problem!" he says excitedly.

So what if they don't have hot water, they shouldn't be showering at 2:30am anyways.
"What kind of a problem?" I ask patiently.

"As in, 'there's water dripping from the kitchen ceiling & running into our room in the basement!" Brian replies.

I suppose I DO want to wake up PChad. It takes a bit of shaking to extract him from his slumber, but he quickly responds to my statement, "Brian says we have a water leak."

We make our way to the kitchen to discover 2 paint bubbles, filled with water, roughly the size of soup cans. One cupboard's contents were thoroughly soaked, thankfully it was mostly measuring cups contained there.

Brian thoughtfully grabbed the rice cooker bowl off the counter & punctured one of the paint bubbles above the cupboard.

PChad, having just been awakened & not fully cognizant, thought, I should get something to put under this before I pop it...... *poke* "Whoops!"

After I fetched an armful of towels I was told I could return to bed & I did without a second thought.

Now I have a lovely section of ceiling that needs re-mudding, taping & painting, but it could have been a lot worse. Apparently our rocking toilet upstairs finally rocked hard enough to break the water inlet pipe. (We have since replaced it with a flexible one.)

Monday, 13 July 2009

Art Appreciation

I'm not much of an art fan. I don't know what's good makes a piece good, & I really don't enjoy going to look at art exhibits. There are a few paintings/pictures that I like, but mainly b/c they remind me of a place I liked or something like that.

I was discussing with my mother-in-law a few weeks ago, that I really enjoy the show So You Think You Can Dance because I find that to be such an art. The dancers put everything they have into the pieces & tell stories through their dance. I think one of the reasons why I appreciate their efforts is b/c I have a tremendous lack of rhythm (ask anyone who has seen me attempt to dance, even PChad is quick to agree).

On the last episode of SYTYCD, Kayla & Kupono performed a dance about addiction that really struck me as an excellent example of art & if you missed it, here it is:

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sunday Pictures: week 47

Asher: “Mum, I have a question.”

Chancery: “Did you see him raise his hand to ask a question? That was funny!”

Asher: “Mum, do we really have to do these pictures week after week?”

“We do it so that Grandma & Grandpa can see you every week.”

Chancery: “Wouldn’t it be easier if they just came for more visits?”

Asher: “I suppose taking pictures isn’t such an ordeal, since we can pretty much do whatever we want while Mum snaps away.”

Chancery: “In that case, let’s read your book!”

Friday, 10 July 2009

Good Night, Honey

The other night PChad had gone to bed before me & as I was getting my PJs on I heard him say, "Could you please try to be quiet?"

I responded, "I am."

PChad: "Could you be more successful?"

Me: "No, I don't think so."

At least I got a chuckle out of him!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Take One: a review

Take One is the first book in the 4th series by Karen Kingsbury. When I started reading the Redemption series 5 years ago, I was really into the books, so much that I couldn't concentrate on TV b/c I always needed to know what was going to happen in the books.

I have noticed a bit of predictability in the last books she has written, but her writing style keeps me coming back for more. I really enjoyed that in this series she has presented a new type of main character. Andi is a college freshman who has been raised as a very sheltered Christian. Now that she is at a public university she has alot of major life choices to make & she is beginning to break out of her parents' faith to figure out what she believes.

I like that she doesn't always make the right choices because I think it makes her character that much more believable. I was a bit hesitant to start this series because I was worried about the predictable "God will work it all out for good" attitude that all the main characters tend to have. Even though there is still a bit of that, there is also enough realness in other characters' questioning that it was an enjoyable read.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Getting A Break

My family has been visiting us for the last week & one of the things we do when we are all together is taking a family picture.

We decided to do it yesterday at church since we'd all be dressed nicely & there would be lots of people we could ask to take a few pictures. After we'd taken some of the whole group, Asher decided he'd rather be running around than stand in one place any longer.

Grandpa & Grandma wanted a few pictures with the grandkids, so I was trying to round Asher up whilst wearing heels. It was not a good combination. I tripped a bit & hurt my foot, but figured I might have just sprained it somehow.

After we got home I iced it for awhile, but it wasn't getting much better & I wasn't sure it was even possible to sprain the side of a foot, so I decided to tag along with PChad since he was going to the hospital to visit a couple who had just had a baby that morning.

Three hours & four x-rays later, we found out that I have a fractured foot & will be the proud owner of a cast for the next 4-6 weeks. I just picked up some crutches today, but I'm wondering just how it'll work to carry Chancery for the next few weeks while I'm on them. And since it's my driving foot, looks like I'll be housebound for awhile too.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sunday Pictures: week 46

Asher - 3 years
Chancery - 10.5 months

Asher: "Today we have Grandpa & Grandma visiting & we are going to go & FIND them with our cousins!"

Meghan: "I am so excited to go find them!"
Chancery: "Let me go! I need a head start!"

Asher: "Ok, you start looking for them, Chancery."

Chancery: "I don't see them yet. Asher, can you come & help me?"

Layne: "I can't see them either, but I found a KITTY!"

Chancery: "Maybe if we go off the couch, we'll have better luck."

Layne: "That's a good idea, let's go!"

Asher: "We FOUND them! Yay!"

Friday, 3 July 2009

The Book That Paid For Itself

I like to peruse the books at thrift stores & I often end up buying a few. When I was in Alberta a few weeks ago I picked up a few.

Sometimes I have discovered some odd bookmarks that people have left in the books, but this last one was by far, the most useful to ME.

Occasionally it's a shopping list, sometimes a photo, but when I took this bookmark out, there was much rejoicing.

Nine Canadian "always" stamps. Not only did it cover the cost of the book, but I might be able to afford a few more now!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Twilight - Review

Since there has been so much hype about the Twilight series, I thought I'd read the first book & see what it was all about.

I was a bit intrigued when on the first page they mentioned the town of Forks, since it's only about an hour from my hometown. I had been there a few times growing up & was always struck by the amount of rain they always had & that there was not much else out there.*

I have to tell you, the writing in this book is superb. I was drawn immediately into the story & found myself laughing throughout. In fact a few times when I was reading in public I had to remember to keep my face passive so as not to appear unbalanced!

One of the things I really enjoyed about this book was that there wasn't a lot of gore, or a lot of sexual references. Since it's a book about vampires, I assumed it would have quite a bit of death in it, but these are GOOD vampires, who have found other ways to feed.

I really enjoyed the narration of the book being entirely from the point of view of the main character & in the first person. I fond that more often, the books I read are told in a different voice, but I really enjoyed how the story developed in this way. I understand there is another book forthcoming, that is essentially this story from the lead male's point of view, & I am very interested to read about his side of the story.

There are things in this book that I would not recommend for younger children, but I think that with a bit of objectivity, it's a very enjoyable read.

*Apparently the Twilight series has changed all that