Thursday, 28 May 2009

Spring Planting

A few weeks ago we went to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank "Spring Planting" day. Though, I'm not sure they were planting anything, all I saw were a bunch of ploughs.

Asher really enjoyed getting to eat another hotdog, & we spent a few hours watching the old tractors & horses in the fields. Asher kept asking if he could go & ride the horses, so we had to explain that they were working & couldn't play with him at the moment.

After lunch we were listening to some of the entertainment, when the man beside us apparently burped.

Asher: "Daddy, that man had a burp."

Asher: "That man should say 'excuse me'."

Asher: "Man, say 'excuse me,' you had a burp."

Asher: "MAN! You had a burp, you should say, 'excuse me' now!"

I think the man heard just fine, but was studiously ignoring Asher's attempt to teach him good manners, we were at a farming demonstration after all, & if you can't openly burp there, where can you?

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