Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Dressed For Success

Sunday morning, Asher put his clothes on & came into my room to show me his fancy duds.  Then, the following conversation took place.


Asher: “Look, Mummy, I look just like Grandpa Marvin does when HE goes to church!”


Me: “Oh yes, he DOES wear shirts like that, doesn’t he?”


Asher: “AND I have a thing right here on the front to put things in.  I HAVE A POCKET JUST LIKE GRANDPA MARVIN DOES!!!”


He seems to have found quite a good role model.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Tales Out of (Sunday) School

Last week at church, when I went to pick Asher up from his Sunday School class, he had already left.  I figured he was most likely out at the playground which is where he usually goes.  After awhile I went & checked & he was indeed there.  This week, I heard the full story of his whereabouts…


After Sunday School, he asked one of the high school girls if she would push him on the swings.  She told him that she had to get to her Sunday School class, but he managed to talk her into pushing him a few times first.  Whilst on the swing, he asked her, “Do you have any candies?”


She replied, “No, I don’t have any candies.”


Asher: “Well, do you know where I can find some?”


She informed him that there might be some in her Sunday School class, so he decided to join here there.  He followed her to Catechism, sat on her lap & started doodling on some paper.  The teacher was having everyone go around the circle saying their name.  When it came around to Asher, he dutifully said, “My name is Asher Declan V******.  Is this where I get some candies?”


Someone kindly gave him a candy & he made his exit to return to the playground, which was where I found him.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 4 years

Chancery – 2 years

*************************************IMG_4255Asher: “I have ‘Robin Red Arrow’ here with me today to help demonstrate how to shoot a bow & arrow.”


IMG_4254 Asher: “First, you load the arrow in the bow.”


IMG_4253 Asher: “Then you puuuulllll back on the bow.

That’s excellent, Chancery!”


IMG_4258 Chancery: “Ready!”


IMG_4256 Asher: “Aim!”


IMG_4259Asher: “FIRE!”


IMG_4257 Chancery: “Sorry, Mummy!  Are you ok?  That looks like it might have hurt!”

Friday, 24 September 2010


I’m not saying I’d buy their insurance, but I love the commercials!

“Quit chuckin’ my wood!”



Thursday, 23 September 2010

No More Monkeys

Katie, the neighbour girl, came over to play the other day.  The kids were all playing nicely upstairs, when suddenly I heard Asher shout, “No Jumping on the bed, Katie!”


Chancery also chimed in with, “It’s not allowed, Katie!”


Half a minute later I heard Asher request, “Can you read me this book?”


Katie told him quite emphatically, “Not if you’re yelling at me!”


It’s really good for Asher to have someone who’s not afraid to put him in his place.  I think this may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Big News!

Chancery has something exciting to tell you!


Yes, she actually chose a much smaller candy simply because it was pink.  There were no big pink candies to be had.  I’m not sure where she got her affinity for pink, but it’s not from me!  In fact, she threw a minor fit this morning because she got a purple vitamin instead of a pink one.  We tried explaining that the other colours have to be eaten too, but she was very upset.  She DID end up eating the purple one, but she moaned throughout the entire process.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Garage Saleing

Saturday was the annual 70 Mile Garage Sale on the island, so I headed out with Chancery to see what we could find.  I was hunting for some long sleeved shirts for her, and that was really the only thing I needed, though I’m always on the lookout for old Fisher Price toys as well.


We started off slowly, not really finding anything good.  I picked up a few T-shirts for Asher, but there wasn’t much out there for Chancery.  It didn’t take long for me to shed my sweater.  It had been a cool morning, but it was quickly warming up.  A few garage sales later I could hardly stand the heat in my long sleeved shirt, so I shelled out 50¢ for a tank top (don’t worry, it was clean) & I was ready to hit a few more sales.


Apparently my garage saleing skills were a bit rusty as I totally missed out on the complete set of Little House on the Prairie books for $5, simply b/c I didn’t grab them when I first laid eyes upon them.  I learned my lesson & got down to business.  No other deals would be missed!


When I spied an 80 piece wooden train set touting “no missing pieces!” I grabbed it before Chancery had even noticed & that’s saying something, she can spy the toys at a garage sale almost before we’ve gotten out of the car.  It was marked for $25, but I wasn’t willing to pay that much for it.  I had a choice.  I could approach the woman who was wearing the money belt, or I could ask the man who was chowing on a burger if they’d take less…


Of course I went to the man!  He asked, “Was that at OUR table?”  As more proof that he was just happy to be rid of more ‘junk’, he accepted my lower bid & then asked, “How much change do I owe you?”  I probably could have gotten away with it for $10, but I stuck with the $15 we had agreed on.  It just goes to show that usually if you want to talk someone down on prices, it’s best to negotiate with the men since the women have a harder time seeing something of value go for less.  Of course, this same principle is reversed when it comes to tools!


Sadly, I didn’t find any great Fisher Price toys this time, but I had a great time looking everything over.  Since Chancery was born it just makes garage saleing more difficult when you have to get 2 kids out at every stop & they throw fits when you don’t let them have the grungy old stuffed toys they have just discovered, but now they love them so much & they just can’t go on if they can’t take them home RIGHT NOW!


I got home & was so excited to show PChad my awesome new trains that I got, but his first remark was, “What are you wearing?”  After he got over my new wardrobe, he was quite impressed with the train set too.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Kissy, Kissy!

Yesterday Asher was playing with Katie, the girl who lives next door.  It started off just the two of them, but Katie came knocking to see if Chancery was allowed to play with them as well.  The three of them play really well together, so off Chancery went to join them.


They played a myriad of games, from camping, to family (Asher & Katie being the parents & Chancery being the baby).  At one point I noticed Asher & Katie had cleared all the toys out of the deck box, climbed in, & closed the lid.  Apparently it was the camper they were camping in, though I’m not sure why they left the baby outside when they retired for the evening…


But I suppose I should have been a bit more watchful because the next thing I knew, Katie was running over to tell me, “Asher tried to KISS me!”


I asked Asher if that was true, & he ‘fessed up saying, “But I LOVE her!”

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 4 years

Chancery – 2 years

**************************************IMG_4244Asher : “Today we have each brought a dog to show you proper pet management.”


IMG_4241 Chancery: “Asher is now demonstrating how you should NOT restrain your dog.”


IMG_4242Asher: “That’s right.  Dogs don’t like to be grabbed by the neck & squeezed, even if you mean it in an affectionate way.”


IMG_4243Chancery: “Here’s a fun fact for you.  Our cat, Thanet, doesn’t like to have HIS neck squeezed EITHER!”


IMG_4245 Chancery: “You should also have appropriate toys for your pet.  Otherwise they will play with YOUR toys & they might wreck them or lose them.”



Asher: “Remember, NO SQUEEZING!”

Chancery: “See you next week!”

Friday, 17 September 2010

No Americano

It’s raining here today.  For some reason people seem to think they can’t drive any faster than 30 km/hr.  Must be the beginning of winter.  This song always perks me up.  Enjoy!


Thursday, 16 September 2010

Singing In The Car

Asher has been sitting upstairs with me in church for the past few months, and they always have a children’s song after the children’s message.  He rarely sings with all the other kids, claiming he doesn’t know the songs.  Apparently he might just catch on slowly.  Here he is singing last month’s song…

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

First Day of School

Last week Asher started Pre-K.  He has been very excited about this for quite some time.


The chance to use his new backpack was the biggest bonus for him.


Though it seems kind of silly to carry a backpack back & firth to school when the only thing inside is your lunch kit with a snack. 



But I suppose having a backpack is a rite of passage.  You can’t go to school without one.


Chancery has started missing him already.  The other day we got home & she asked, “Where’s Asher?”


I told her, “he’s at school & we’ll pick him up at lunchtime.”


She responded, “Can we have lunch NOW?”

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Speaking Properly

I have noticed a trend in Chancery’s speaking lately.  We’ll ask Asher a question, “Asher, would you like your juice?”


And Chancery will respond, “I want my juice as well!”




Me: “Would you guys like to go to the park?”


Asher: “Yes! I want to go to the park!”


Chancery: “I would like to go to the park as well!”


I know we are sometimes sticklers for correct grammar, but I think she’s just taking the piss.  Honesty, what two year old do you know who speaks this way?

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 4 years

Chancery – 2 years


Asher: “You may have noticed that we are on a different couch today.  That’s because Daddy is preaching at another church & we all came along for the weekend.”



Chancery: “And the people we are staying with have some very cool toys.  I’ll show you one!”


IMG_4230Asher: “Chancery, may I have that truck?”

 IMG_4233Chancery: “No, Asher, this is my new favourite toy…”


IMG_4231 Chancery: “…and I will NOT LET YOU TAKE IT!!!!”


IMG_4232Asher: “Wow, you must really like that truck, Chancery!”

Friday, 10 September 2010

Friday Music

Recently a friend of mine brought this music video to my attention.  I’ve listened to it a few times & I just love how different it is from most mainstream music, yet I can still listen to it with the kids around.  And the video’s pretty good too.  I believe it was filmed in Iceland, but I could be wrong… it’s happened once or twice before.


Now I’m just wondering what Derek thinks of it, seeing as he’s a self-proclaimed music snob


How do you feel about it?  Like it?  Hate it?



Thursday, 9 September 2010

Rite Of Passage

Chancery celebrated her birthday last month & since she doesn’t really get the whole birthday present thing, we only gave her a few small presents.  I was looking for a mermaid type toy she could take in the bath with her, and what I found was a beach Barbie.

She was quite chuffed with her new “girl”, and played with it for a few days, but as is typical of kids her age, now a month later I’m not sure she could even tell you where it is.  It has been forgotten & left in some remote corner of the living room.
A few weeks after Chancery’s birthday someone asked her how old she is.  Chancery has that one down, “I’m TWO!” she excitedly reported.  Next she was asked what she got for her birthday.  She didn’t even pause to think for a moment before shouting, “I get a VITAMIN!”

See, every morning at breakfast Chancery would watch Asher eat his vitamin & she always lamented, “I want a vitamin too!”  We always told her, “when you are two, you can have a vitamin like Asher has.”  Apparently the morning vitamin is the most exciting thing that has happened in her 2 year old life.


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Along The Boardwalk

When Travis & Katie were out a few weeks ago, we decided to go out to Greenwich Provincial Park near St. Peter’s. 

DSC_0291 We headed out in style

DSC_0293 Our first order of business was finding a place to eat our lunch.


DSC_0299 We settled for an apple we found on the apple tree growing beside the trail.  We figured we could wait for lunch until we made it to the end of the boardwalk.


DSC_0303 The trail was a nice mixture of low shrubbery…


DSC_0306 …and shady forest.


DSC_0313 The kids found a nice spot to sit & wait for us to catch up with them.


DSC_0319 The boardwalk was spectacular.  We saw lots of bird & even a few beaver dams along the way.


DSC_0335 “We finally made it!!”


DSC_0336 The beach was a lovely red sand beach & had I planned a little better we could have played in the water


DSC_0343 We found a nice log to sit on & eat our lunch


IMG_4140 And then it was time to head back.


I’m not much of a trip planner, so it was really nice for Travis to take over the planning of our site seeing.  I’m pretty sure I would have never found this place on my own.  We’ll definitely have to add this to the list of places PChad should go as well.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A Day At The Races

Yesterday was PChad’s birthday (he turned THIRTY!!!), so we decided to celebrate by going to the annual Demolition Derby in Oyster Bed.  Since it’d been ingrained into us that when you go somewhere you arrive early, we were at the racetrack 1/2 an hour before things got started.

IMG_4200 Lucky for us, it was audience appreciation day, so they were giving the kids rides in the race cars.  Chancery told me afterwards, “I helped the driver drive the car.”

IMG_4204 Asher took rides in 3 different cars…

IMG_4206 …he then gave me the lowdown on how many times he went around the track in each car.

IMG_4207 The kids started off excited…

IMG_4210 …but the lack of naps soon caught up with them.

IMG_4211 Asher discovered that he could see people under the bleachers, so he spent the bulk of the afternoon saying “hello” to anyone who would listen.

IMG_4213 And of course, it looked like fun, so Chancery had to join in too.

We had a great time.  I was a bit surprised that the kids did so well (don’t get me wrong, they weren’t angels) seeing as we were there for over 4 hours.  My only complaint was that the demolition derby part was so short.  When I’ve been to them before, the entire afternoon is different heats of the demolition with different cars; yesterday was a day of stock car races with a 15 minute crash up derby at then end.  But it was a fun way to spend our last weekend of summer.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 4 years
Chancery – 2 years
*****************************************IMG_4185Asher: “Do you want to play a trick on Mummy today, Chancery?”

IMG_4187Chancery: “What did you have in mind, Asher?” 

IMG_4186Asher: “Well, I thought when she tells us to smile, we could pretend we can’t open our eyes…

IMG_4188 Chancery: “While I found that to be funny, I think Mum’s going to see right through that.”

IMG_4189 Chancery: “I have an idea, why don’t we show her how old we are?”

Asher: “I’m two!”

Chancery: “And I’m FOUR!”

Asher: “That was a great idea, Chancery!  I think we may have fooled EVERYONE!”