Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Purple Dresses

The other day my kids got into quite the fight over a misunderstanding.  I'm sure my kids are not unique in this, but I wanted them to see the 2 sides to the story, so I told them this anecdote...

One day my friend Katie & I were both wearing purple dresses.  Our friend April was with us, & at one point she said, "I really don't like purple dresses."

Later that day, Katie was thinking about what April had said, & it really bothered her.  She let it bother her the next day, & into the next week as well.  Katie started to think, I'm really angry April!  She didn't like my dress, & she doesn't want to be my friend anymore!

I also started thinking about what April had said about our dresses, & at first I was hurt by it too, but then I thought, April is my friend, & she wouldn't want to just say rude things to me to hurt my feelings.  Maybe she meant that she just doesn't like to wear purple dresses herself! 

The next time I saw April we had a great time together.  We played with Lego & made weird creations, & laughed about what they looked like. 

When April & Katie saw each other, Katie was so mad at April!  Katie said all kinds of mean things to April, & April started to cry!  When we asked Katie why she was being so mean, she said it was because April had been mean to her first, by saying she didn't like Katie's dress.

April then explained, "I once had a purple dress that my mother made me wear, & it was so itchy!  Now every time I see a purple dress, it reminds me of how itchy that one was, & I just don't like them!"

The kids & I discussed which person had dealt with what April had said in the best way.  I told them, "This is something that will happen often in your lives.  In fact, I had a situation like this happen to me again in the last week, but I thought about who had said it, & knowing that she is my friend, I knew that she didn't mean to hurt my feelings, so I decided to forget about it.  But it kept bothering me, so I went to my friend, & asked what she meant, & she explained that she wasn't trying to hurt me, she was just trying to be funny!"

Think the Best of Others.  People generally aren't trying to hurt you!

Monday, 27 July 2015

Good-Bye, Good Friends!

Last Saturday a few of my girl friends took me to lunch at the Dunes.  We had planned to go to the beach afterwards, but the weather didn't really cooperate, so we just enjoyed a leisurely lunch, some shopping, & lots & lots of talking & laughs.

The food was excellent, & I can't complain about the company either!

We sat in some unique garden chairs & talked about the last 7 years knowing eachother

I will definitely miss these lovely ladies!

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Sunday Pictures

Asher - 9 years
Chancery - 6.5 years
 Chancery: "Digby came to sit by me because he really likes my doll."

Chancery: "...but he's sad since I won't let him bite her."

Asher: "Poor Digby, he just wants to play!"

Asher: "Should we get you a toy, Digby?"

Asher: "Are the pictures almost done, so we can get Digby a toy?"

Chancery: "I think Asher is done!"

Saturday, 25 July 2015

PChad Makes it to Greenwich!

With only 2 Saturdays left before we move, we decided it was time PChad finally went to Greenwich.  Unfortunately, it was not the nicest day for it, and if it wasn't the last opportunity for us to go as a family, we would not have gone.

 We had tentatively planned to stop at the gas station on the way to buy some sandwiches for lunch (as tradition demands), but the weather wasn't warm, & the forecast was for rain, so we just took some snacks for on the beach instead.

 We found quite a few raspberries along the trail,
& fought off the mosquitoes while picking a few.

 Then Asher found a giant dragonfly, & gave it a ride on his thumb for awhile!

 PChad was quite impressed by the giant boardwalk!

 We didn't really go in the water, other than to quick dip our toes.  We enjoyed our snacks, then headed back.  I can't say PChad got the true Greenwich experience...  Maybe we'll have to come for a visit next time we're on the island & try again!

Monday, 20 July 2015

Chancery's First Lost Tooth

Chancery told me last week that she had a really wiggly tooth, so I looked & discovered that the new tooth was coming in behind.  I told her to work on wiggling the tooth, & if it hadn't come out by the weekend we'd have to pull it so the new tooth would have room to come in.  Saturday we told PChad about the tooth, & he agreed that it was time to take it out.  Chancery tried to pull it out on her own, but it wouldn't come.  So we had to turn to PChad with the pliers!  It was a pretty easy ordeal once we got a good grip on the tooth!  Then we needed to take a picture of the first lost tooth spot!

 How about we try a picture where you look a bit less scary?

Much better!

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Sunday Pictures

Asher - 9 years
Chancery - 6.5 years
 Chancery: "I am so happy to have lost my first tooth!"

Asher: Bwaaaapp

 Chancery: "I made a Lego sign, & it has my tooth on it in a little bag!"

 Asher: "And here is the bag which I keep my teeth in!"

Chancery: "Loosing teeth is really fun!"

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Book Club Climb

On Monday my book club got together to go climbing.  I have been wanting to do this ever since the place opened 2 years ago, but had just not gotten to go, so for our last get-together it seemed the perfect thing to do!

We started with some basic training.  Figured out how to get back up if we fell into our harness.  Thankfully no one fell off, so we didn't need to use our new rescue skills! 

Then it was off to the big course!

There are 3 levels, & as you get higher, the routes get harder.  One advantage of a circular course, you can always choose which path you want to go on.  If part of it looks too difficult, you can just avoid that element!

There's a falling zip-line off the second level, which was a fun way to get down & start over!

The spider-web was quite a stretch through the middle!

The third level had a dead-drop.  You jump off the platform, & after a few seconds the harness catches you & brings you softly to the ground (with practice I could probably stick the landing!)

After all our exercise we rewarded ourselves with dessert!

We had a great time together, & I will really miss these girls!

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Sunday Pictures

Asher - 9 years
Chancery - 6.5 years
Asher: "My dog is about this big!" 

Chancery: "He's right here so everyone can see!"

Asher: "I guess I was pretty close on my estimation!"

Chancery: "We love Digby!"

Asher: "Yes we do!"

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Couponing the Easy Way

Couponing was all the rage in the States a few years ago, but it has never been as easy to save using coupons in Canada.  There are a few reasons for this...

  1. There just aren't as many coupons available
  2. Most stores don't allow you to use more than one coupon per item
  3. Unlike the States, there are no "Double Coupon Days"
Recently, however there have been a few apps that have coupons you can use after you have shopped.  You simply buy whatever product they have listed, take a picture of your receipt, & choose which coupons you qualify for.  Once you   Since you are getting paid after the shopping trip, with multiple apps, it is possible to save more than what you spend on certain items if they have coupons on multiple apps!

Without further ado, here are the coupon apps I use, & how they work, listed in order of what I use most.  (In all cases, you must view the app before you shop so you know which products are listed.  Though sometime I have lucked out & unknowingly purchased an item I could get cashback for)

"PC Plus" - Superstores have a free loyalty card which you scan each time you shop.  Register your card online, & make sure you 'Load Your Offers' each week (agree to the weekly email to remind you to do this!).  The store has points offers every week, but your offers are specifically tailored to what you buy.  1000 points = $1.00.  When you have saved a minimum of 20,000 points you can redeem them towards your purchase.  Save them throughout the year & you can have free groceries at Christmastime!

"Coupgon" - This is an app that lets you save at the checkout.  You choose which coupons you are using today, then scan the QR Code at the checkout.  So far only certain stores are participating, but Atlantic Superstore (where I get most of my groceries) is one of them, check to see if one of your local stores participates.

"Checkout 51" - After you shop, take a photo of your receipt, & select the coupons which you qualify for.  After you have saved $20, you can cash out at anytime.  They will send you a check for your balance.

"Zweet" - After you shop, take a photo of your receipt, & select the coupons which you qualify for.  After you have saved $20, you can cash out at anytime.  You also collect points, & they have offers available you can use your points for like gift cards to Starbucks, Amazon, Tim Horton's, etc  They will send you a check for your balance.  What I like about Zweet, is they often have offers for "Any Milk", or "Eggs", so it's not a specific brand, but something I buy every week anyway.

"Snap by Groupon" - After you shop, take a photo of your receipt, & select the coupons which you qualify for.  After you have saved $20, you can cash out at anytime.  They will send you a check for your balance.

"Save.ca" -  After you shop, take a photo of your receipt, & select the coupons which you qualify for.  After you have saved $5, you can cash out at anytime.  They will send you a check for your balance.

"CartSmart" - I don't know how much you need to have saved before you can cash out, but you can get paid through PayPal, or a check.


"EBates.ca" - For online shopping, you can find coupon codes on the EBates site, as well as earning cashback on all purchases that you make with the stores on the site.  All you need to do is go to ebates.ca then look for the online retailer you want to buy from (ex. Old Navy).  Any valid coupon codes will be listed.  Then click the link to go to that site & you will be redirected to Old Navy.  Once you check out on Old Navy's site, eBates will let you know how much you have earned.  Once you have earned $5.01, every 3 months they send you either a check, or pay you via PayPal!

Good luck, & happy savings!

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

First Time, Last Time?

Five years ago, when our friends Travis & Katie were up from the States visiting, we made our first trip out to Greenwich.  Since then we have made at least 2 trip a year up to the long boardwalk that takes us to the nearly empty beach.  It's one of our favourite places to go, & we always make sure to bring anyone who come to visit out to Greenwich (although PChad still has not made it out there!)  I took a picture on our first trip of the kids on the sand...

And when we went again a few days ago I took what could be our last picture at Greenwich...

They have grown quite a bit, & we will miss our treks to Greenwich, & the ice cream afterwards!

Monday, 6 July 2015


Last Friday we had to pick Henry & Vincent up from camp out near St. Peters Bay, so we took the opportunity, since it was a nice day, to head to Greenwich on our way to the camp.

The kids were excited to be back on the empty beach!

Asher decided to make a sand turtle

And Chancery made a sand lizard!

Chancery search high & low to find the pieces of wood that would fit into the log we were leaning against

And she found one that fit really well!

Even though the water was quite chilly, the kids braved it & waded for awhile

Then it was time to warm up on the sand.
Asher made a sand angel trying to cover himself with sand!

The kids wanted to look from the scenic viewpoint

Asher: "That's my island over there..."

Asher: "And that's your island over there!"

Asher: "Where do you want to live, Mummy?"