Monday, 12 March 2018

Church Challenges!

Last Sunday morning after church I picked up a cup of coffee, added my cream & sugar, & walked over to "my spot".  (Yes, I have a certain spot where I stand, it's just off to the side, people know where to find me, & I find it easier to hear what people are saying to me)

I lifted my little mug to take my first sip & noticed there was a bit of lipstick on the cup (which couldn't have been mine!), so I decided to wipe it off, & turn the cup to drink from the other side.  I turned it around to discover MORE lipstick!  At that point I couldn't handle it anymore, I don't even WEAR lipstick 90% of the time! So I returned the full cup of coffee to the kitchen & sought out a new cup of coffee & started the whole process over with less lipstick!


During offering time I handed each of the kids a quarter.  Asher handed his back to me & whispered, "I can't put this one in, it's a special one!"

I took the quarter back & sorted through my wallet for a 'regular' coin for him to donate instead.  I was about to put the fancy quarter in my pocket to take home & add to my special coin jar.

Chancery then leaned over & said, "I want to see it!"

I handed the special quarter to Chancery, & just then the offering basket came by & Chancery put the special quarter in!, I reached in & grabbed it back out!

I thought I was in the clear until a man sitting behind me leaned forward & said, "If you're that hard up for cash I could loan you some!"