Tuesday, 30 September 2008

4 Minutes

Chancery has been a little difficult of late in the evenings. We had attributed it to gas, caffiene consumption on my part, typical baby behavior, etc. A few nights ago I thought I'd just try to put her to bed a little earlier b/c I didn't really know what else to do (she was soooo cranky). It worked great! I nursed her for a little bit, then put her to bed & she slept 'til morning w/ only one wake-up in the night.

Last night I went to put her to bed at the regular time & she started to fuss as soon as I put her down. Normally I would run back in, see if she wanted to nurse, & basically start the whole process over. But I decided last night to let her cry a bit first to see if she was just tired..... Four minutes later she was out!

Now I just need to figure out a way to get her to go to sleep for naptime in her bed instead of the swing. I suppose it works for now, but I don't want to get too dependant on it like we did for Asher. I just wnat to get the kids on the same napping schedule so I can get things done around here. We just moved in, but the floors need cleaning, the food needs cooking......

Monday, 29 September 2008

Fun w/ Appliances!

Last night I cooked pizza for dinner & was seeing what different button on the stove are for. I find it's always interesting figuring out the "quirks" of new appliances whenever we move. For instance, the last place we were at had 2 burners that never got past warm, & the oven was always cooler than the temperature indicated. The freezer in one apartment we were in would freeze things in the back much more than things in the front for some unexplained reason, & I learned the hard way, that the oven timer didn't work at our house in Grand Rapids.....

So, I pushed the "lock" button on the stove, but it had no effect. I decided to try to figure out where the lock was, so I looked around, found it, & slid it over manually. Then I closed the door. Only to discover that I had locked the door, & couldn't open it. I thought if I ran the cleaning cycle it might unlock on it's own after it finished, so I turned it on. 2 hours later the house was cooking, the cupboards on either side of the oven were hot to the touch, & the door was still stuck shut. After about 20 minutes of Pastor Chad & his dad fiddling with it, we finally got the door open this morning, along w/ a "don't try that again" lecture!

Saturday, 27 September 2008


The other day, Pastor Chad was playing w/ cars in Asher's room. One of the cars went spinning out of control & asher piped up, "Hey, HEY!...... I LIVE in that car!" Not too sure where he got that idea from, but he can be quite imaginitive. It's been really fun to watch him develop this summer. He's talking alot more & has a really good memory. Sometimes he'll come up w/ a story about something we did 3 weeks ago out of the blue. Sometimes some of the most insignificant things leave the biggest impression.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Nope, Not Dead Yet

After a loooong hiatus, I'm back! I have a new house all the way across the country from where we were last, a new baby & a son who wants extra attention. All this leads to nit having much time to get on the computer. Today I logged on to discover I had 89 new emails & 443 blogs in my reader. Needless to say I feel very behind, but I can't foresee it getting much better for the time being. I hope to be a little more consistant than I have been lately! Don't give up on me yet!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Our Trip So Far

I haven't been able to keep up w/ this very well, but we've been having an interesting trip. The first night we stopped in a small town in Saskatchewan & all the good hotels were full & the nearest town was 50 miles away & it was 8pm already. We checked into the only hotle w/ rooms left & lets just say that calling it "rustic" would be very generous. It was a dive. I was worried I was going to get bedbugs, & I figured that I'd stay cleaner by not having a shower than by having one!

Our second night on the road was better. WE stayed in a bigger town (there was a Caribou Coffee, so I got my morning Latte). There was a pool, plus jacuzzis in our rooms. Day 3 we stayedin a nice hotel too & had a lovely dinner at Red Lobster! We have seen so many commercials for the "Endless Shrimp" this summer, that we all were craving some seafood, so when we saw it, it was a forgone conclusion that we'd have dinner there.

Day 4 has been the best so far. WE stayed in Frankenmuth, MI, which is known for 2 things, the HUGE Christmas Store, & the hotel w/ the Water Park. WE didn't make it to the Christmas store, even though it was right across the parking lot from the hotel. WE were enjoying the waterpark too much! They have 2 waterslides for intertubes, but you are in the dark the whole time, so you don't know what's coming. It was really fun, but Pastor Chad said that when he went down by himself it wasn't nearly as fun as w/ Asher b/c it's more fun to see how he reacts. They also had a breakfast buffet in the hotel w/ Starbucks! (so I got my mornign Latte again!).

Last night we stopped in Strathroy, but the hotle was full b/c of a wedding, so we went on to London & stayed at the Motel 6. They warned us when we checked in that the jets in the hot tub weren't working, but it was still hot. At night, Pastor Chad's parents went to take Asher too the pool only to discover that the pool was freezing, & the hot tub was tepid. Come to find out that an alarm for the hot tub had gotten stuck on, so they turned off the breaker, not considering that that might shut off more than the alarm! We had planned to stay all 3 nights, but since we have to find ways of keeping Asher busy, we have moved to the Ramada. Hopefully we have a better stay here.

Tomorrow is basically a relaxing day. The guys are going to get all our stuff moved over from the storage to the U-Haul, & PC's Mum will watch Asher so I can go get Chancery signed up for Health Insurance before we leave. Hopefully that won't take too long. Maybe Chancery will cry & people will have pity on me & let me got first!

Friday, 5 September 2008

Bye-Bye Brownies

Since having Chancery, I've had a HUGE craving for brownies & ice cream. This has lead to Chad & I going out late at night for dessert at local restaurants a few times. I realize that it's not the most economical way to have brownies & ice cream, so I have also purchased a few boxes of brownies & a few pints of vanilla ice cream. Let's just say I have had brownies & ice cream for dessert every night for the last 2 weeks.... until last night.

Chancery has been having a bit of difficulty getting to sleep & since I'm nursing, there have been accusations that it's b/c of something I'm eating. Somehow it was decided (not by myself) that the brownies are to blame b/c of the chocolate content & resultant caffeine content. So, last night I was told that I'm not to have anymore chocolate. Then my loving family proceeded to eat MY brownies & MY ice cream right in front of me whilst telling me how delicious they were! And the hard part is that I'm STILL craving brownies & ice cream..... Isn't there some validity to the argument that you crave things that your body needs?

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Pronunciation Guide

There has been some confusion over the last few weeks on how to pronounce our little girl's name, so I thought I'd give a short explanation. When we lived in London I worked downtown & took the Tube into the city. The stop I got off at everyday was Chancery Lane. We thought about names afterwards that would remind us of our time in London, & that stood out as a good one.

One thing we learned during our time there is that words are pronounced quite differently than how an American/Canadian might pronounce it. Chancery Lane was a prime example of that. Chancery was not pronouncedˈchan(t)-sə-rē, with a long "a" sound & 3 syllables, but ˈchon(t)s-rē, with a short "o" sound & only 2 syllables. We thought that might sound a bit too pretentious, so we chose a happy medium b/w the two. We pronouce it ˈchan(t)s-rē. I know there's always the risk that some may try to shorten her name to "Chance", but we're hoping that she likes her name enough to maintain it...... isn't that every parent's hope?