Monday, 18 May 2009

I Guess So

Asher has a new naptime trick. He waits until I have Chancery down for her nap & then comes out of his room claiming he has to wee. We quick run to the washroom, get him situated on the tiolet, only to sit & wait & nothing happens.

I ask, "Do you have to wee, or did you just want to get out of bed?"

"I have to wee," he replies.

Me: "Well, then tell the wee to come out, because it's naptime right now."

Asher: "COME OUT, WEE!"

Me: "Are you going to wee, or not?"

Asher: "Maybe not."

So we put his pants back on, & once again he goes off to bed. However, the other day as he was walking back to his room, he turned back to me & said in a sad voice, "I guess I'll just have to wee in my big boy pants then."

But he was still dry after his nap.

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