Thursday, 31 January 2013


I’ve only had Bulgogi a handful of times.  The first was  when we were at seminary & some Korean students made it for us.  It was so good!  Then I ordered it at a restaurant about a year ago & was really disappointed.  I searched around online & found a really good recipe that is super easy.  I just fried it up, but you could try grilling it too.


1 lb Beef thinly sliced (I usually use about 3 pounds, we like our meat!)

5 T Soy Sauce

2.5 T Sugar

1/4 C Chopped Green Onion

2 T Minced Garlic

2 T Sesame Seeds

2 T Sesame Oil

1/2 t Pepper


Place the beef in a ziploc bag.  Combine all other ingredients in a small bowl & pour into bag with Beef.  Refrigerate at least 1 hour.


Heat your frying pan with a little oil on Med/High.  Remove the Beef from the bag, saving the marinade.  Cook Beef a few minutes, then add the marinade.  Reduce heat & simmer for 5 minutes.


Serve over rice or egg noodles.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Mississippi Mud Brownies

When I was in high school, I remember buying a brownie mix from the store for Mississippi Mud Brownies.  They were not much different from normal brownies except there was a packet of marshmallow cream that you swirled into the batter before baking.


I have not been able to find that brownie mix for years, but have tried to replicate it many, many times.  The closest I got was using the marshmallow ice cream topping, but it doesn’t seem to be available in Canada.  So, it was back to the drawing board.


I’ve searched for a decent recipe online, but was just never able to find one that was close to the original.  Then my friend Denise passed on a recipe she had for the brownies.  It’s delicious.  Without further ado, I give you Mississippi Mud Brownies…




Beat together:

4 Eggs

2 C Sugar



1.5 C Flour

1 C Margarine

1/3 C Cocoa

1 t Vanilla

1 C Coconut (optional)  -I did not add this, as it was never in the brownies I’m so fond of.  I have no idea if the addition of coconut would be good or not.


Grease 9x13 & bake @ 350 for 30-40 minutes.  As soon as it is out of the oven, spread a 7 oz jar of Marshmallow Cream/Fluff over the top.  Then swirl the frosting.



2 T Cocoa

1/4 C Margarine

3 T Milk

Bring to a boil & add:

2 C Powdered/Icing Sugar

1/2 t Vanilla


Try not to eat the whole pan by yourself!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 6.5 years

Chancery – 4 years



Asher: “Can you find the man’s legs, Chancery?”



Asher: “I have a fire man here, & he’s going to put out a fire!”



Asher: “I’m just getting his gear all ready for him.”



Chancery: “I found his other pants!”

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Angry Animals

When Chad’s sister & family were visiting this summer, we started seeing various knock-offs of the Angry Bird theme t-shirts.  Owen ended up finding an “Angry Moose” shirt in Newfoundland, & we found Spencer an “Angry Lobster” shirt from PEI.

pic 001


Asher spotted an “Angry Puffin” shirt in Nova Scotia, which is one of his new favourite shirts.


It has made us wonder, are there other “Angry Animals” from the other provinces?  Does each province have it’s own animal to claim?


I think it’s a great theme, & the kids loved that they all had similar shirts from the trip!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Sunday Pictures Practice

A few weeks ago, Asher was taking a long time to come down for Sunday picture time.  Chancery said, “You can just take pictures of me, Mummy!”  So I did…


“Remember when the stockings were here?”



“Do you like my dress?”



Chancery is starting to really like dressing up.  She received a few necklaces for Christmas as well as some dresses, & if she had her way, she’d be wearing them everyday.



Instead she has to suffer through the rest of the week in jeans & t-shirts, but she really turns it on on Sundays!



And Asher finally came downstairs & we got photobombed!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 6.5 years

Chancery – 4 years



Chancery: “We rearranged my room yesterday, so now it’s a super fun place to play!”



Asher: “And we have more room to play with the Little People!”



Chancery: “It’s great!”

Friday, 18 January 2013

Fresh Prince

What happens when you translate, then un-translate a well known song?


Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Stocking Is Done!

This Christmas you may have noticed in some of the pictures, there was an odd stocking.  I finally finished the cross-stitch one I was making for PChad!  I started working on this stocking when I was pregnant with Asher.  Seven years later, I am GLAD to finally have it finished!



I started with the plan of making a stocking for every member of my family, but at the rate which I stitch, I’d be lucky to get the kids’ done before they move out of the house!  I think PChad might be the lucky one that gets his own, everyone else can have matching red fuzzy ones.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


I found the troll & Belle cavorting around the living room during rest time…  It makes me wonder what their destination was.  Belle seemed to really enjoy the ride in the convertible.  She was standing on the seat!


Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 6.5 years

Chancery – 4 years



Asher: “I have a book that’s all about you & how you grow.”



Asher: “My book teaches you all about bones, & why you have a belly button!”



Chancery: “My pup has a Canada flag!”



Asher: “This is what cells look like!”



Asher: “See the cavity growing in these teeth?”



Asher: “Go get your own copy of Charlie Brown’s Encyclopedia so you can learn all about your body today!”

Friday, 11 January 2013

The New Star Wars

Well, Disney now owns Star Wars.  Perhaps the next movie will look something like this:




Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Snow Much Fun!

Over the last bit of Christmas break, we had a good amount of snow.  We had had a storm earlier, but it didn’t leave much for the kids to build anything.  They were pretty excited to go out & make a snowman, so PChad went out & made one with them complete with broccoli eyes, mouth, & buttons.



If he seems quite symmetrical it’s because they cheated & used buckets!




Next Chancery requested a boat.



She has been obsessed with building a snow boat for awhile now, & was quite pleased to have one of her very own.


Then Asher wanted a throne…


from which to rule the backyard!





Chancery was even kind enough to offer the king a ride in her boat!



They have had a lot of fun in their snow creations, & with the temperatures staying low, I don’t think we have to worry about them melting away anytime soon!

Monday, 7 January 2013

The Best Fortune

We went out for Chinese food the other night, & after the meal we were all given our fortune cookie.  We opened our cookies, & read our fortunes aloud one by one.


Asher read, “Wealth is waiting for you.”


“Where is it?” I innocently asked.


Asher immediately answered, “In heaven!”


His answer caught us a bit off guard, but the kid’s got it!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 6.5 years

Chancery – 4 years



Asher: “Do you have any idea what is inside my safe?”



Asher: “It’s a music card!”



Chancery: “And you have more cards!”



Asher: “This is what it would be like to be inside the safe, Chancery.”



Chancery: “I’d rather be out, Asher.”

Friday, 4 January 2013

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


New Years Day we went to visit Mr Harrie & Miss Geesje’s farm.  It was out of the ordinary since PChad actually got to come with us.  So, the kids showed him around the barn a bit, the calves sucked on their fingers, & we saw the cats!  I think Chancery could sit in the piles of straw petting the cats all day.



It was fairly cold, so after a bit we went into the house for coffee time & olliebollen, a traditional Dutch New Year’s treat.  We ended up playing Qwirkle.  The kids caught on fairly quickly & the game was afoot!


Chancery was looking at her tiles, then said, “Do you know why the starburst got out of the game?”


Miss Geesje: “No, why did it?”


Chancery: “Because it had the most points!”


I’m not sure if Chancery understood the double meaning & why her joke worked, especially since she followed it up with several jokes that did not work, hoping for the same reaction from us, but we were quite impressed with her joke!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Sunday Pictures: New Years Day!

Asher – 6.5 years

Chancery – 4 years



Chancery: “Asher, look!  Mummy’s taking our picture!”



Asher: “This is strange, Chancery.  We have our church clothes on, but it’s not Sunday!”



Chancery: “Where do you think we are going, Asher?”



Asher: “Where are you taking us, Mum?”



Chancery: “Oh yeah, it’s New Year’s Day!  We’re going to church, Asher!”