Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Dinner at the CN Tower

One of the activities of the conference was a trip up the CN Tower & dinner as well.  We somehow managed to arrive 1/2 an hour early to the Tower, so we had some time to observe the city from the observation deck before we were seated.


2014-09-23 20.23.31 Then we enjoyed a 2 hour, 3 course dinner with some lovely ladies representing PEI, Alberta, Minnesota, Iowa & Ontario!

2014-09-23 20.23.47 

2014-09-23 20.51.16

And, yes, I wore jeans!

Monday, 29 September 2014

A Little Conference Fun

I was on the planning team for my conference in Toronto, & one of my duties, along with one of the other team members, was to come up with the game.  We decided on group photo challenges, & here are a few of the results!


2014-09-23 16.49.40 “Break the Stereotypes”

Teams had to come up with a photo of a person breaking free of the other teammates.



 2014-09-23 16.53.49 “Think Before You Speak” (or “Hold Your Tongue”)

IMG_1391 ************************************

IMG_1387 “Be Yourself” (or “Be Silly!”)

IMG_1388 “Support Challenge”


We had a really great time of fun & fellowship, along with some great messages from our speaker Ruth Vander Zee.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 8 years

Chancery – 6 years


IMG_1394 Chancery: “Where’s Asher?”


IMG_1395 Chancery: “Let go, Puppy!”


IMG_1396 Asher: “I have a blue dog tag!”


IMG_1397 Asher: “I have a purple dog tag!”


IMG_1398 Asher: “I have a green dog tag!”


IMG_1399 Asher: “I don’t need them.  Does anyone want them?”


IMG_1400 Asher: “1,2,3!”


IMG_1401 Asher: “Here you go, everybody!”


IMG_1402 Chancery: “See you later, alligators!”

Friday, 26 September 2014

Travel to Toronto

I travelled to Toronto for a Pastor’s Wives’ retreat last week, & without fail, when I travel, something goes wrong.  Well, this trip was no exception to the rule…


The day started with an early flight & lots of rain.  At the Charlottetown airport, when you board your flight, you are outside at the mercy of the elements.  As I was going to the plane, I decided to run, since it was raining so hard, I just wanted to get inside the plane quickly, & I was very glad I did!  Just after I got on, the next few passengers decided to take their time putting their things away, & several people had to wait outside in the downpour.  Once they finally got onto the plane, their jeans were soaked, & their bags were dripping wet.  Of course since it was so humid with all those bodies on the airplane, the air conditioning had to be on pretty high, & it was a cold flight!  I was glad I wasn’t extra wet!


Once I got to Montreal, it didn’t take me long to find the gate for my flight to Toronto, & I heard them announce, “The plane we were supposed to take had mechanical failure, & the only other plane available has 40 less seats.  If you checked in last night, or early this morning, you probably don’t have a seat.”


So I went up to the desk to see if I had a seat.  The airline employee took my boarding card, crossed off my seat number & said, “No, you don’t have a seat.  Next!” and started helping the next customer in line.  The next customer asked when the next flight was & was told it would be a 3 hour wait.  I heard the other employee ask a man if he wanted to go to the Downtown airport, Toronto City.  I quickly googled it & found it was only a 15 minute cab ride to my hotel.  I then placed myself in front of the ticket agent & told her I wanted to go to the Toronto City airport.  She gave me a dirty look, & booked me on the flight, which was leaving in 1/2 an hour.  I went to my new gate, which was conveniently across from a Starbucks, & called my friend who was supposed to pick me up in Toronto.  She instructed me to get a cab from the airport since there was a lot of construction in the area & she still had to wait for another person at the Toronto airport.


I arrived at the City airport, & just missed the ferry to the mainland…

2014-09-22 10.04.58

I could see it docked on the other side.  Thankfully it would be a short wait!


I found the line for the cabs, & wondered how much it was going to cost to get to the hotel.  I wasn’t super worried because I knew it wasn’t far, but I had never taken a cab, & didn’t have a very good idea of prices.  So, I got in, & figured I could watch the meter, but it didn’t really matter because I had to get to the hotel either way.


Once we arrived, the cabbie turned to me & said, “I forgot to turn the meter on, so I can’t charge you anything.”


“So I owe you nothing?” I asked incredulously.


“I can’t charge you anything,” he emphasized.


And since I didn’t have a ballpark idea of cab prices, & I had a $5 in my pocket, I was the recipient of a $5 cab ride!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 8 years

Chancery – 6 years


IMG_1371 Asher: “I have a book called ‘Unfortunate Events’.”


IMG_1372 Asher: “At first I thought that at the end of the book the Baudelaires would be dead, because it’s about the Baudelaires…”


IMG_1373 Chancery: “Why would they be dead?”


IMG_1374Asher: “Because the series of books is all about unfortunate events that happen to them!”


IMG_1375 Asher: “But they don’t die!  If you want to know what happens, you’ll have to read the books!  I’m on number 11!”


Captions by Asher

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 8 years

Chancery – 6 years


IMG_1366 Digby: “Where’s Chancery?”


IMG_1367 Chancery: “Here I am!”


IMG_1368 Digby: “Where’d everybody go?”


IMG_1369 Asher: “Here we are, Digby!”


IMG_1370 Chancery: “Now where’s Digby?”


*Captions by Asher

Friday, 12 September 2014

Bass Has Always Been Popular!

From 1988, “Tigra & Bunny” informed us that they liked the cars that went BOOM!


Now Meghan Trainor is here in 2014 to let us know that she is all about that Bass!


I can’t hear “All About That Bass” without thinking about “The Cars That Go Boom”!

Happy Friday!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 8 years

Chancery – 6 years

Digby – 7 months


IMG_1360 Asher: “Let’s play a game, Digby!”


IMG_1361 Digby: “Hide & Seek?”


IMG_1362Chancery: “Ok, you hide, Digby!”


IMG_1363 Digby: “I’m hiding!”


IMG_1364Digby: “Wait, I need to find a better spot!”


IMG_1365 Digby: “Ok, I’m ready!”

Friday, 5 September 2014

Teeth are Dropping Like Flies

Asher lost his 6th tooth the other day.  He asked me at dinnertime if I had noticed, but I had not.  “Did you just rip it out?” I asked.


“Sort of,” her replied.  Then went on to explain, “I was playing with Lego, & there were 2 pieces that were stuck together.  I tried to get them apart with my teeth, but I accidently tried with my sore tooth, & it got really wiggly & started to bleed!  So I took it out!”



Thursday, 4 September 2014



Looks like the kids either had a good day at school, or they are really glad to be home again!


First Day of School!

Asher & Chancery were super excited for school today!  We did a dry run yesterday, to make sure we could all be ready on time.  So far so good.  We were ready 15 minutes before the bus!


IMG_1344 Asher is going into grade 3, & Chancery is joining him this year for grade 1.  It’s the first time the kids will be in the same school, & hopefully the last time they have to change school for quite awhile.  They are both at the French school now after trying French immersion & doing fine.  Asher needed the challenge of more French, & we decided if Chancery could keep up, we’d send her there too in order to simplify things! (Though I’m not sure my life is being simplified, since all the correspondence is also in French!)


IMG_1345 Can you feel the excitement?


IMG_1347 Waiting patiently for the bus…


IMG_1350 Hooray, 8 hours of freedom!