Monday, 4 May 2009

A New Toy?

We bought Asher a wagon a few weeks ago & last Saturday PChad & Asher put it together (though I'm told PChad did most the work). I put Chancery in Asher's lap & pulled him around a bit, which he really enjoyed, but then he wanted to pull it. So out he hopped. Then he complained that he had nothing to put in the wagon, so I suggested picking up the sticks from the front yard & putting THEM in the wagon.

His most frequent request these days is to go outside & pick up sticks & put them in the wagon.

We had a hard time convincing him to come in from outside the other day. He finally came in b/c we promised him he could go out again later & pick up more sticks (I'm not against child labour!) His wagon had gotten full, so we had to dump it out on the compost pile. Later when we sent him back out, he filled his wagon rather quickly. We discovered that he had merely picked the sticks back up from the pile & deposited them in the wagon. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

When PChad was a boy, one of the jobs they were given on the farm, was to pick up nails from the yard. They would receive 5¢ for each one they brought to their dad. PChad seemed to find considerably more than his sisters did, so his dad decided to watch him one day. PChad's system? Pick the nails back out of the trash & return them once again to his dad.

Like father, like son!

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