Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Potty Training Asher: day 8

Potty training has gone surprisingly well so far. Asher got sick on day 3, so we resorted to pull-ups for the next few days, but apparently having put him in big boy pants for a day & a half taught him what he was NOT supposed to do in his pants.

He has an AMAZING ability to hold his wee for HOURS on end. I keep asking if he has to go & it seems he never has to, but he's not having accidents either, so that's a plus. I have put him in pull-ups almost everyday for the last week, just in case, since we've been going out quite a bit, but he hasn't wee'd in his pants once.

Unfortunately, he must have decided to hold off on pooing & then created a problem he couldn't fix. Saturday he spent more time sitting on the potty than not b/c he kept feeling like he had to go. We didn't have success there yet. He manages to go whenever he has "sleeping pants" (aka diapers) on. I'm not too sure how we are going to overcome that problem yet, if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

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  1. Ahhh, potty training joys! Every single one of my kids has had a much harder time with #2 as well! The most important part is to pray about it all!
    First I instigate non-negotiable "potty times", like before going outside to play, before nap, lunch, after breakfast... and stick faithfully to those times each day.
    Then I make sure they are drinking like crazy (softens it all up), and eating lots of apples, applesauce...provides lots of of practice :)
    And, each time they are on the potty that are good pooing possibilities around the time they usually go, we stay there a bit. We might read a book, sing a song, count fingers and toes. Eventually they won't be able to hold it in any longer and you'll be able to praise him up and down!
    Also we start to talk about how yucky it is to have poo caked on your bottom and how stinky it is and how much nicer to have it all go right into the toilet to flush away!
    Once you have that first success, it'll all get easier! Happy potty training :)