Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Little Gems From Sunday

During the morning service at church on Sunday, we stood up to sing a few songs.  The words came up on the screen, the music was playing, but no one had started singing yet.  Asher turned to me & said, “No one knows this song, Mummy!”




After church we were at a friends house & the kids were playing on a golf cart they had parked in the yard.


One of the older kids was overheard saying, “Don’t push the gas pedal, Asher!”


Asher then responded with an emphatic, “How can I NOT push the gas pedal?”




I was putting the kids to bed that night, and I always put Chancery down first, then go into Asher’s room.  Asher was saying his prayers & we heard Chancery calling out, “Stop talking, Asher!  Don’t wake me up!”

Monday, 30 August 2010

Money Conscious

light bulb picture for desktop wall paper While getting Asher ready for bed the other night, I closed his curtains as he was choosing a book.


“Aahh!  That’s DARK!” he exclaimed.


“I know, I’ll turn on the light in a minute,” I replied.


He was quick to point out, “but, Mummy!  Lights cost MONEY!”

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 4 years
Chancery – 2 years
Asher: “Hmmm, I wonder if there’s any water in this ball…”

Asher: “I suppose I could check it like this…”

Asher : “…but on the off chance there IS water in it,
I think I’ll do it this way.”

IMG_4170Chancery: “Asher, are you trying to get me wet?”

IMG_4174“Asher, don’t squeeze the ball over Chancery’s head.”

Asher: “All right, I’ll do it over my own head.”

Chancery: “I am SHOCKED that he’s listening to you, Mummy!”

IMG_4175Asher: “I think I just got a drip on me!”

Chancery: “That’s what I call ‘poetic justice’!”

Friday, 27 August 2010

Splish Splash

Yesterday it poured all day, but it wasn’t very cold & it was quite muggy out, so after naptime I decided to see if the kids would like to play in the rain.


We suited them up & they played happily outside for over an hour.  By the time I called them in for supper, they had managed to get totally soaked (I had to pour the water out of Asher’s boots).


Asher came up with a great idea for next time…

… I wonder if they even make rain masks?

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Silly Kids

The kids have been entertaining themselves in some very interesting ways lately…

IMG_4093 “Look at us, Mummy!  We found a nice chair!”


IMG_4095 “Now we’re RELAXING!”


It’s nice to see that they are capable of getting along sometimes.  Some days there can be a LOT of screaming!

Monday, 23 August 2010


The other day I was driving to the beach & since it was a hot day, I had the A/C on in the car.  We were stopped for awhile at a stop light, & when it turned green for us, I forgot that you have to drive a little differently when the air conditioning is on.


I stalled the car.


Asher then asks, “What happened, Mummy?”


So, I told him, “I forgot that I have to drive special when I have the air conditioning on, & since I didn’t, the car stopped & I had to start it again.”


Asher then asked, “Are you going to have to do that every time we stop?”


Apparently, I’m not too bad of a driver, since it didn’t happen again…

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 4 years

Chancery – 2 years


Asher: “Today we are going to teach you about good grooming habits, and manners.”


IMG_4100 Asher: “First of all, if you are going to brush your hair, you should not be lying down…”



Asher: “…Instead, you should stand up, like so.”


IMG_4101 Chancery: “And if you have to go to the washroom, you should always make sure there is plenty of toilet paper on the roll first.”


IMG_4102 Asher: “In public, it is always best to keep your dog restrained, so as not to frighten people who may be afraid of dogs.”


IMG_4104 Chancery: “When those around you are trying to have a rest, it is not polite to make lots of noise.”



Asher: “And don’t forget, if someone is taking your picture, you should always have a smile at the ready for them!”

Friday, 20 August 2010

I Love Canola!

This song was created & performed many times on our Alberta holidays this summer.  We miss seeing all those canola fields…

Thursday, 19 August 2010

A Different Pace

On our hike in the mountains, I took a few different videos.  Here are a few notes on the video below.

1. Notice that Asher & Grandma quickly go past the camera, then have to wait whilst Chancery & PChad mosey along.

2. Chancery & PChad are having a conversation about roots on the path (if you turn your volume waaaaaaaay up, you may be able to hear some of it.)

3. My favourite part is at the very end when Chancery turns around to check on me.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A Night Out On The Town

Last night, the cross-stitch group I am a part of, went on it’s annual summer dinner & theatre evening.
I met up with the ladies for dinner & then it was on to see “Johnny Belinda” at the Montgomery Theatre in North Rustico.  The play was great, and for being in a small town theatre, the acting was superb!

I just couldn’t believe how great the play was.  I hadn’t heard of it & didn’t know any of the story line before we got there, but it really was excellent.  If you have the chance to see this play, I definitely recommend that you go see it for yourself.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

We Camped, We Hiked, We Took Lots of Pictures

One of the things PChad wanted to do on his Alberta holidays, was go camping.  Now I like to camp just as much as the next gal (yes, I really do enjoy it), but PChad specified that he wanted to camp in the MOUNTAINS.

It was cold.  I am not a fan of the cold, so we spent our camping holiday all bundled up, in our warmest sweaters & coats.  Luckily, we were camping with PChad’s parents, & they kindly offered to let us sleep in their 5th wheel so we didn’t have to sleep in a tent in
sub-0 temperatures.

IMG_3847 When we first got to the site, I took the kids for a jaunt through the forest so that we’d be out of the way for setting everything up.


IMG_3850 Then the sun came out & for a brief while, the weather was pleasant enough for us to shed our outer layers.

IMG_3854 Over the course of the week, the kids found ways to amuse themselves around the campsite.

IMG_3931 Asher figured out how this camping thing is done,
“Can we do s’mores NOW?”

IMG_3872 Since we were surrounded by beautiful mountains, we figured we’d better enjoy the scenery

IMG_3875 Asher loved every bit of nature he encountered.

IMG_3881 Our leisurely morning hike turned into a 3 hour trek…

  So we took a few rests along the trail…


IMG_3911 And the more tired ones were given a lift…

IMG_3914 I think she milked it for all it was worth

IMG_3918 The next day, we set out again, this time armed with proper walking sticks…

IMG_3921 …and hiking gear,
“Can you tie my sweater around my waist when my hood’s on?”

IMG_3924 Chancery figured one stick was enough, after discovering it was too difficult to also carry rocks.

IMG_3945 We played by the lake for awhile…

IMG_3947 …and cooled our feet after all our hiking

Monday, 16 August 2010

Music Critic

Lately the kids & I have been listening to a lot of Weezer in the car.  Asher has become quite fond of  “Surf Wax America” and “The Sweater Song”.


I’ve been hearing him around the house singing,


♪♫ “You take your car to work, I’ll take my board…” ♫♪

♪♫ “And when you’re out of fuel, I’m still afloat!” ♫♪


Asher also told me the other day in the car, “I don’t want to listen to any other music that isn’t Weezer.”


Well, this morning Chancery was in the car with me & Asher wasn’t.  I felt like we needed a new CD, so I asked Chancery if she wanted to listen to Bon Jovi & she (having good taste) said, “That’s a good one!”


We then went to pick Asher up, & after a short time in the car he announced, “I don’t ever want to listen to that music again, because it’s not my favourite!”

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 4 years
Chancery – 2 years
**************************************IMG_4076 Chancery: “I wonder if this hat would fit Frisbee?”

IMG_4078 Asher: “Frisbee doesn’t want to wear that silly hat.”

IMG_4077 Chancery: “I suppose it is a bit of a silly hat…
Hey, do you want to make a silly face?”

IMG_4080 Asher: “Fish lips!”

IMG_4079 Chancery: “Did you see that?  I think Frisbee made a funny face too!”

IMG_4081Chancery: “You sure have a funny dog, Asher!”

Friday, 13 August 2010


Happy 2nd birthday to my little chatterbox!

We were in the car the other day & she said,
“Mummy?  Every morning… I WAAAAKE up!”
I thought there was going to be more to the story, but there wasn’t.

I think she just likes to keep me up to speed on
what’s going on in her life.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Hitting The Beach

I’m taking a break from the vacation posts to let you know what we’ve been up to since we got back home.

IMG_4040 We moved to PEI nearly 2 years ago, and as of 2 weeks ago, I had never been to the beach here.  It was a travesty that needed to be corrected.


IMG_4042Although, on one hand it was a pretty good record.  I don’t think there are many other people who live on the island, have small kids, and haven’t been to the beach in 2 years.


IMG_4044We moved here in October, so we missed nice beach weather that year.  The last summer, just as it was getting nice, I broke my foot & since I couldn’t drive, let alone manage the kids at the beach, we never made it then either.


IMG_4047But, we’re making up for lost time.  In the last 2 weeks, we’ve been to the beach 6 times.  Basically, if the weather permits, we go.


IMG_4051 And the kids have really enjoyed the freedom to run around, get wet & dirty, make new friends, & ask constantly for snacks & juice boxes.


IMG_4056 It even got to the point last week that PChad said perhaps I should give the kids a day off from going to the beach, because there’s only so much excitement they can handle!


IMG_4057 But we have to take advantage of every opportunity we have, since I have a feeling that it’s going to be a long winter.