Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Such Excitement!

PChad wanted me to find some Red Curry Powder for him last week & after striking out at our regular grocery store & Walmart, the kids & I headed to another large grocery store in town. As we walked in the door, we were handed a piece of cake, which delighted Asher to no end. Since eating cake & pushing a cart at the same time can prove to be a difficult task, we stopped to eat our cake a minute. Asher asked, "Why are we eating our cake by the onions?"

We explored the aisles a bit since I'm not very familiar with the store. In one aisle, Asher told a woman, "Look, Lady, we have cake! But Mummy's not eating it all because then she would be too full for lunch!"

As we left the store, they were handing out free hot dogs, hamburgers & soda. Since it was nearly lunchtime, I figured Asher & I could get hot dogs & take them home for lunch. Asher asked, "Why are you giving us hot dogs, Lady?"

When I was putting the kids in the truck I put the hot dogs in the front seat. Asher became very worried that I might lose his hot dog & asked, "Where is my hot dog?"

I asked Asher what he was going to have for lunch & he replied, "I'm having a HOT DOG!"

I asked what Daddy was going to have for lunch (since I was giving mine to him), "Daddy's having a hot dog TOO!"

After I got in the truck I heard from the backseat, "Let's do high-five because we have HOT DOGS!"

And so we did.

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  1. Great excitement even over hotdogs! I found red curry powder for Chad at Wal-Mart, so will take it when we come.