Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Which Would You Rather......

Toys of the past were made to last. Sure, they may have been taken off the market b/c they were thought to have been choking hazards, but if you shelled out $25 for a toy, you KNEW it wouldn't break mere days after being brought home, even if it wasn't played w/ according to it's instructions.

You may be asking yourself, How does Sherilyn know that toys were so well made back then?

Well, I have a few toys from yesteryear that I let the children play with & I can assure you that when you are hit squarely in the face with this:

as I was yesterday, you KNOW it's solidly built & nothing short of a car running over it will break it.

However, if you could imagine being hit with this:

well, I liken the difference to being hit with a chair, or being hit with a break-away chair.
So, which would you rather?


  1. I seriously love old toys! My sister and I had a ridiculous collection of those main street toys. And my grandma has that phone thing. And I agree, you would have to run over it with a car in order for it to break! Old toys are so much better than new toys.

  2. Well I can verify that the drum will not break if you get hit with it in the head!! I have actually had that happen to me.
    I also must say, that I remember a lot of toys from my childhood were made of wood, and let me tell you, getting nailed in the head with those are not fun, I have the scars to prove it!! I am starting to realize that I have been hit way too much with children's toys. :)