Thursday, 19 March 2009

A Night With The Dominee Huisvrouw

I bet there are TENS of you out there who wonder, what does Sherilyn do after the kids are in bed at night? So I thought I'd share what a typical evening looks like for me.

Chancery goes to bed around 7:00, & Asher around 7:30. Quite often after Chancery is down, PChad will be w/ Asher & I'll hang out upstairs folding laundry, cleaning the litter box or some other activity that keeps me in the vicinity of her room b/c down doesn't always mean down for her & I quite often have to go back in & give her the plug a few times before she's officially asleep.

Sometimes PChad puts Asher down, sometimes I do. He's quite easy, read a book, pray & leave. Then I check email, facebook, google reader, muck about on the computer 'til about 8ish. PChad quite often has meetings or visits in the evening, so he's generally gone around 7:30.

I don't really watch many shows on TV simply b/c I'd rather watch them when it's convenient for ME, so I watch a few online occasionally, or descend to the basement to watch a movie, or TV DVD. And this is the routine:

  1. Put on jammies, put on the other jammies too (it's cold down there!)
  2. Get a BIG glass of water (Nursing mums should drink plenty of water!)
  3. Get a square/cookie/brownie, make sure it's a big one b/c otherwise I'll have to come back for another one.
  4. Get a bowl of popcorn twists too b/c otherwise I'm not likely to finish my glass of water.
  5. Grab the baby monitor & go down to the basement
  6. Choose a movie/TV Show & get remotes
  7. Wrap one blanket around my legs & place another one on the chair just so, then if my top half gets cold I can just wrap it around.
  8. Put another blanket over top legs (I'm telling you, it really is cold in the basement!)
  9. Watch movie w/ closed captions on (there's alot of things one can miss from not having the captions on!)
  10. About 1/2 way through, realize you need more water, pause the DVD, unwrap all the blankets & run upstairs for a refill. Don't forget to grab another square b/c they are SOOO yummy!
  11. Rewrap all the blankets.
  12. Resume movie.
  13. Hear Chancery crying on the monitor, unwrap blankets & run upstairs, & upstairs again to her room, settle her down, & return to basement.
  14. Rewrap blankets.
  15. Resume movie.
  16. After movie is over, watch special features.
  17. Realize one of the special features included is a commentary of the movie & plan to watch that tomorrow!
At 10ish it's bedtime (but there will be plenty of wake-ups between now & morning) time for some sleep!

I don't know why I like to watch the commentaries of movies so much, but it's a guilty pleasure of mine. Do any of the rest of you watch them, or am I the only one?

*Sorry I forgot 'til now, the answer to last Friday's question (about the blog title) is Chasing Liberty (which I just watched the commentary of!)

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