Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Tired, Sore & Sick

Who are Tired, Sick & Sore? Let me introduce you.

First, there's tired. Tired is a little girl who has decided that there are more exciting things to do than sleep. Among these things are, trying to get up on knees to practice for when she learns to crawl; attempting to play w/ all her brother's toys b/c they just look so fun, then getting frustrated when she can't do all the things her brother can do; watching the cat; trying to hold herself up at the coffee table to prove she's a big girl. All these activities are extremely exhausting, yet Tired doesn't seem to know that sleeping will make these activities seem easier b/c she'll be well rested. Tired has taken to sleeping for 1/2 hour periods during naptime & waking quite cheerful w/ no intention of going back to sleep, this however, leads Tired to become fatigued quite quickly shortly thereafter, much to our chagrin.

Then there's Sore. Sore somehow hurt her neck & shoulder a week ago doing who-knows-what. Despite visiting the chiropractor several times, Sore's shoulder is still... well, sore. This might be due to the fact that Tired has to be carried everywhere, & Sick also wants to be carried. Sore can also attest to the fact that when you're not feeling 100%, you just don't care about some things like looking nice, cooking dinner, & cleaning up.

Lastly, meet Sick. Sick has been sick off & on for almost a full month. He's had a cough for the duration, sometimes better, sometimes worse. Between colds & flus he has not been 100% for weeks. This has caused Sick to take wonderfully longs naps in the afternoons, perhaps making up for Tired's lack of sleep (if only it transferred like that). Sick's poor little nose has become quite raw from all the nose wiping & blowing so we've taken to putting diaper rash cream on it which seems to have helped. Sick constatly reminds us, "I'm not feeling very well," & requests to sit & read books in his bed which he was doing moments ago until he fell asleep.

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  1. Hope you are getting your rest when possible. Did you take Asher to the doctor? Does he still have a fever? Sorry about Chancery’s sleeping pattern. Hopefully it will change to longer naps soon.
    Hang in there!