Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Time To Read

After we got home from the bookstore the other day, I was flipping through the sale flyer that they had put in the bag. I know it's just a way for them to try to entice us to come back & purchase more items from them, but sometimes, the "72 Hour Sale" can be a good thing. They have some items priced as "lost leaders" just to get you in the door, b/c they KNOW that once you're there, you are more than likely to buy additional items. You know it, I know it, & they know it. Sometimes I've had the following conversation with myself, If I buy one book for $5, & another for $20, then my average is $12.50 each & really, that's not a horrible price to pay for new books! Rationalization at it's best, folks!

So I'm thumbing through the flyer & nothing was really jumping out as something I'd need to go back for, until I read the little blurb about "A Bride Most Begrudging". I thought, Now that looks like a good book & it's on for a pretty good price, but I could just look for it online, I'm not in a real rush anyways since I've got a few books I haven't read yet anyways.

Later, I was going through my books, figuring out what I haven't read yet & looking for the next one to read. I have a bookcase of Christian books & a bookcase of non-Christian books, & right in the middle of the historical non-Christian books, what book did I find? Apparently I had thought the book looked intriguing on a previous bookstore jaunt!

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