Friday, 13 March 2009

On A Last Name Basis

Today I had to take the kids in to the doctor to get them re-checked to make sure the medicine they are on for their infections is working. Asher is 100% better, & Chancery still has a bit of "crackle" in her lungs, so we're supposed to keep an eye on her for awhile.

We try to teach Asher to refer to adults as "Mr. Jim" or "Miss Julie" for friends of ours, but if they are people we don't know as well, then we prefer him to use their last name instead of their first. He is catching on that PChad & I don't say "Mr." or "Miss" & sometimes he'll try to be sneaky & just say their first name. We usually remind him that he's supposed to say "Mr." or "Miss"

Anyways, we were waiting in the exam room for the doctor to come & Asher kept asking, "Where's Dr. Billirubin*?" I told him that the doctor would be in soon, but we just had to wait a bit. After a few minutes, the doctor came & first listened to Asher's lungs, then Chancery's. Asher began asking, "What are you doing Billirubin?..... Billirubin, what are you doing?"

Apparently Asher feels quite chummy w/ the doctor b/c on our way out he asked, "Where's Billirubin's truck? Can I go ride in Billirubin's truck?"

*Name changed (obviously)

**Extra points if you can tell me what movie I got the post's title from! "Are you on a last name basis with all your girlfriends?"


  1. hey! so, funny story. I wanted to be all smart and get that movie reference, so I typed the line into google. (yes, cheating..but it was worth it). Your blog came up as the first hit!!

    way to make the Google search engine!

  2. I can't wait to find out the answer to your little contest as I have no idea what movie that is from. I was hoping you were going to ask what billirubin is -- I could have answered that one!