Friday, 20 March 2009

A Housework Analogy

A few weeks ago at Coffee Break we were talking about how our relationship with Christ is something that we have to maintain & work at. It's a bit different from our relationship with our spouse b/c our spouse is physically present to remind us if we haven't spent enough time together & the effects of it can be a bit more obvious.

It got me thinking that living in relationship w/ Christ is a bit like cleaning house. It's not something that you can do once (accept Him into your life) & figure it's good. Rather it's something we have to keep working at. We have to keep asking Him to renew us & consciously keep Him as the number one priority in our lives.

Image what it would be like if you went on one date w/ a guy, then he asked you to marry him, you said, yes, but never saw him again. It wouldn't be much of a relationship, would it?


  1. okay that is a little scary, because I used that exact same analogy with my girls two days ago!! About marrying someone and never seeing them again!! spoookkkkyyyy...... :)

  2. My mom once had a thing on her fridge that said something like: Growing closer to Christ is like brushing your teeth. Doing it just once a week doesn't cut it