Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Obscure Kids' Movies

Brittany at BK just wrote a post about the Top 10 Kids' Movies (according to her roommates & herself). It got me thinking about some of the movies I watched as a kid & I decided to ask how many of these are familiar to you. In no particular order:

Bedknobs & Broomsticks -We'll start off w/ a fairly well known one. My brothers & I always enjoyed the battle at the end where the armour fights eachother. Definitely a classic & a must-see for everyone.

The Peanut Butter Solution -A fairly little seen movie made in Toronto about a kid who gets a "big scare," & as a result looses his hair, is teased, is given a recipe to grow his hair involving peanut butter among other things.... and it just gets better! PChad had never seen this movie, thought I was making it, up, but one year it was on TV & I made sure he watched it w/ me. He said it was an "odd" film.

Goonies -Filmed on the Oregon coast near the Washington border, a movie about pirate ships, treasure, Baby Ruth candy bars, & bad guys!

Snow White -This version was made for TV shown on the Disney Channel probably in the mid to late 80's. It wasn't a cartoon, but had real people & the favourite quote was when Snow White dies, one of the dwarves asks, "But who will protect her?" Another answers quite matter of factly, "The birds."

The Wizard -Starred Fred Savage, about a kid who's the ultimate gamer. He ran away from home to enter a video game competition where Super Mario Brothers 3 was debuted for the Nintendo.

The Never Ending Story -A kid sits in an attic at school reading a book & really gets into it. "Atreyu!" Still not sure why, if the story ended, there is a Neverending Story II & III

The Emperor's New Clothes -I believe this was also on the Disney Channel. We used to sing "Wed, wed, wed!" around the house, just like the guy w/ the lisp who liked red.

Adventures in Babysitting -How many of us wished something this exciting would happen when we were left w/ a babysitter?

Escape to Witch Mountain -Tony & Tia are aliens trying to get back to the mothership, armed w/ telepathy & aided by an old man in a campervan!

The Sandlot -"Smalls" is a poor shmoe who can't play baseball. Sadly, that's what everyone in his neighbourhood does. Luck for him the best guy on the team takes him under his wing, but some still say he's an "L 7 weinie!"

War Games -Matthew Broderick unwittingly starts to play a game on his computer that makes the government think someone is plotting against the USA. Chaos ensues.

White Fang -Ethan Hawke forges a friendship in the Alaska wilderness w/ a wolf. I always thought it'd be pretty cool to have a wolf, though I would have settled for a dog too.

Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken -Another fine film by Disney. A blind girl who won't take no for an answer decides to join the circus & become a diving girl.

The Boy Who Could Fly -A teenage girl befriends a mute boy & is rewarded with being flown around the town by the boy.

Yes, I know, I watched some weird movies as a kid, but there must be others who have seen these as well, or possibly remember some other odd films!


  1. "Hey you guuuyyss!" I love the Goonies!!! My husband and I quote that movie all the time. I have seen most of the movies on your list. You know what was one of my faves? It was "Ducktales, treasure of the lost lamp" Loved that movie, I must have watched that at least 50 times.I have tried finding it to buy, but have had no luck.
    The movie "Wargames was on tv a few months ago, we tried to get the kids to sit and watch it, but they couldnt respect the "classic" feel of it. :)

  2. I just have to add that in Wild Hearts can't be Broken she isn't blind to start. She learns how to jump horses and then on one of the jumps keeps her eyes open and that is when the blindness happens. I just had to say that. Sorry to correct you. :O)

  3. Oh I also wanted to say I LOVE John Travolta in the Boy in the Plastic Bubble. I am TiVOing that one tonight.