Wednesday, 18 March 2009

No Splatter Rice Cooking -WFMW

Every time I use my rice coker, I end up with splatters all over the counter/stove/cupboards what-have-you. It was irritating. I'm not all that excited about cooking anyways, and I REALLY don't like to have to cook AND clean up a huge mess afterwards. So I started "tenting" my rice cooker with a dishtowel &, viola, problem solved!

I have only had one issue since I started doing this & that is sometimes the little vent hole gets a bit of rice stuck in it causing the lid to rattle around as the steam has no escape route.Afterwards I just peel the towel off & throw it in the laundry pile. Problem solved, easy-peasy!

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  1. good to know...
    I liked your movie list too...although, I'm afraid I didn't recognize many of the titles...