Friday, 27 March 2009

A Grocery Conversation

When we are at the grocery store, Asher says, "Hi!" to everyone we pass. He'll keep saying, "Hi!.... Hi, Man!...... Hi!.... Hi, Man over there!" Until he is acknowledged, or 'til he can't see the person anymore. Frequently he'll tell me, "I said 'Hi!' to the man, and he didn't say, 'Hi'." Or, "I said, 'Hi!' to the lady, and she was talking to the other lady instead." He'll also throw in a, "What are you looking for, Lady?" Usually followed by a, "What's that lady looking for, Mum?"

Yesterday at the grocery store he said, "Hi, Lady!" and was rewarded with a "Hi" in response, which encouraged him to ask, "Are you looking for Hot Rods, Lady?" (because WE were looking for Hot Rods, he assumed SHE must be looking for them too.) She responded that she was not looking for Hot Rods. Asher took a moment to mull that one over & we started to move down the aisle.

Asher then yelled back, "Do you want to come & talk to me some more, Lady?"

She kindly answered, "If I see you in another aisle, I will come & talk to you some more."

Strangely enough, we didn't see her again, perhaps she was avoiding us so she wouldn't have to answer 50 questions about what she was looking for.

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