Thursday, 12 March 2009

Buying In Bulk

I recently started to store some groceries in our storage room. We hadn't done this before b/c we haven't shopped at Costco since we moved here since it's 2 hours away, & we'd just made do w/ the amount of space we have upstairs. However, since we are here long-term I figured that since some items are cheaper to buy in the larger quantities or sizes, I might as well do so.

There are some things that I'd like to stock up on, but can't, like margarine b/c it has to be refrigerated, but I figured I might as well buy the big peanut butter.

I can refill the smaller jar that we keep in the cupboard since peanut butter doesn't have to be refrigerated once it's opened. I realized after I got home from getting groceries on Monday, that I had already had this brilliant idea before.... Now I have TWO huge jars of peanut butter! Guess I'd better get baking!

1 comment:

  1. This is funny, because Mark just noticed that I did exactly the same thing....and of course the only coolie he does not like is peanut butter....
    I will have to come up with something else!