Tuesday, 10 March 2009

What Kind Of Mother Do You Think I Am?

The other night I got out a new jar of baby food for Chancery. A jar of peaches. I had forgotten that w/ Asher we had decided peaches just weren't worth it b/c they are SO runny & nearly impossible to feed w/o them spilling all over the place since you have to use these microscopic spoons to feed your babies.

Anyway, I opened the lid & noticed that they looked a bit darker than normal & had a stench that could knock your socks off.... in fact, it smelled like someone had put their old stinky socks right there in that little jar of peaches.

So I got a different jar of fruit out for Chancery & kept the peaches out in order to call the company. I called them & this is how the conversation went:

Me: "Hi, I bought a jar of your baby food peaches & when I opened it, it wasn't good."

Baby Food Company: "What do you mean, 'it wasn't good.'?"

Me: "Well, it was dark & smelled like dirty socks."
(Just to be sure, I opend the lid again & INDEED it STILL smelled like dirty socks!)

BFC: "Did you feed any to the baby?"

Let's take a moment to think about this... If YOU had opened a jar of baby peaches that appeared to have gone off & smelled like dirty gym socks, would YOU have fed any to YOUR baby?

Me: "No, I did not."

BFC: "Ok, let me get some info from you & I'll send you some coupons...."

BFC: "From the info you have given me, you're in Canada, is that right?"

Me: "Yes."

BFC: "Well, maybe the jar froze since it's so cold up there."

I'm pretty sure that part about Canada being cold wasn't in the script of what she was supposed to say, but I let it go. Either way, it's not really my fault if the jar did freeze since my house maintains a temperature above freezing, which is especially important since we have a baby in the house!

BFC: "Did the contents of the jar appear watery?"

Me: "Well, the peaches are always watery, if anything, I'd say they were a bit thicker than normal."

She proceeded to get the rest of the info she needed & assured me that my coupons would be on their way. I felt a bit weird calling about it b/c I didn't want to seem to be an opportunist calling just to get some baby food coupons. I was only calling b/c it says on the label "if you are not completely satisfied with this product call 1-800-xxx-xxxx." And I wasn't satisfied, I must have sniffed that jar 5 times to see if it really was stinky or not, and every time I checked, it still was! I just found it amusing that they had to ask if I had fed any foul smelling food to my infant & possibly try to blame it on Canada being cold.

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  1. Gotta love customer service. They only hire the brightest and best.