Thursday, 31 March 2011

You’re Too Shy, Shy…

Rarely does Asher shy away from the camera.  So when he was in a grumpy mood the other day, I thought a sure-fire way of getting him out of it would be to get the camera out…



Boy, was I wrong!  He wanted nothing to do with it, choosing instead to bury himself in the chair.


I even tried asking if I could SEE his grumpy face.  That merely elicited a muffled, “No, you may not!”

(At least he was polite in his refusal)



A few weeks later I tried the same camera trick on a grumpy Chancery.  Gone was the sad face!



When I requested to see what her grumpy face looked like, she turned her head away & said, “It looks like this, Mummy!”

(Her grumpy face does not, in fact look like this, but I was glad to see her in a better mood)

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