Tuesday, 8 March 2011


There are a few phonetic sounds that Chancery has trouble saying, particularly ‘k’, ‘l’, & ‘r’ sounds.  I usually don’t have trouble figuring out what she means since I’m used to her speech patterns now.


When she says ‘car’, it comes out as ‘ta’.

When she says ‘truck’, it’s ‘tu’.


Last week, I was having her say ‘car’ & ‘truck’ to demonstrate to some friends her particular speech deficiencies.  I decided to have her try to say ‘clear’ since it has all the sounds she has issues with… it was pronounced ‘tia’.  Then Chancery decided to turn the tables on me…


Chancery: “Say ‘ta’, Mummy.”


Me: “Car?”


C: “No, ‘TA’!”


Me: “Truck?”


C: “No, ‘TA’… ‘TA’… Mr. Harrie is ‘ta’!”


Apparently she meant ‘tall’.  Sometimes even I need a translator.

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  1. Now try that when you don't even know if your child is speaking French or English! You'd think it was easy being a translator by trade, but no. Delphine has trouble with the "l" sound too, so she just leaves it out. It came to light pretty evidently when she was at my neighbour's house and was quite impressed with the "grand-father cock" that was ringing every 15 minutes!