Monday, 21 March 2011

Beneath The Night Tree -review


Beneath the Night Tree by Nicole Baart, is a story about a single mother who is also parenting her younger brother with the aid of her grandmother.  The four of them are living quite functionally for what appears from the outside to be a very dysfunctional family.



I was about 2 chapters into the book before I figured out that this is the third book in a 3 book series.  Normally this would not bode well, but the story is so well told that I understood what I needed to for the book to be enjoyable & complete on it’s own.  Reading the other 2 books will be welcome prequels to this book.


I liked how real the people in the book are, just because they are Christians doesn’t mean that their lives are easy, or that they don’t have struggles.  I’d definitely recommend this book, & though I’d probably recommend they read the 2 previous books (After the Leaves Fall, & Summer Snow) first, this is also a good stand alone novel.

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