Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Living In A Dream World

On Saturdays we have a tradition of going for breakfast at McDonald’s.  We let the kids play, sometimes some friends will join us there.  After that, we generally talk about what we’d like to do that day, sometimes going for a drive, but in the winter, we generally either run errands, or go home.


Asher had a request a few weeks back when we were discussing the day’s plan…


Asher: “I want to go to the mall with the escalators.”


Chad: “We don’t have a mall with escalators around here…”


Asher: “Well, I had a dream that there was a mall with escalators, & I want to go to it today.”


How, exactly does one counter that?


  1. the downtown Charlottetown court mall does have escalators

  2. have you never been to the downtown MALL????

  3. You simply tell Asher, "Ok then, you better take a really good nap today and you can go there again in your dream!"