Thursday, 17 March 2011



My mom sent me a box of American Oreos a few weeks ago & I have been rationing them carefully.  There are a few major differences between American & Canadian Oreos.  In Canada, the cream is made with icing sugar & is much softer, but the cookie itself is MUCH crunchier, & if you are a cookie dipper (which I am), you have to SOAK that cookie in milk to soften it even slightly!  American Oreos, have a firmer middle, & the cookies dissolve much quicker in milk.  There’s a quick 2 dunk limit if you are eating American Oreos, otherwise your cookie will fall apart into your milk.  PChad prefers Canadian Oreos, & I prefer American.  It comes down to what we grew up with, so having both kinds in the house, which will our kids prefer?

We had a pack of each country’s national Oreo in the house, & the kids wanted to have one of each.  I’m not sure they could tell that they were different, but 2 cookies is better than one, right?  So, I pointed out which was which for Chancery…


Me: “These are American Oreos, and those are Canadian Oreos.  Which ones do you like best?”


C: “I like the American ones.”


Me: “Those are my favourite too.”


Then Chancery added her own insight as to why she was drawn to the American cookie…OreoCookies2

C: “They’re so soft!”

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