Monday, 28 March 2011

Destined For The Spotlight

During our worship services, just before the sermon, all the kids go up front for the children’s message.  Usually Asher has an answer for every question, sometimes they are complex answers.  Yesterday, the kids were asked what a mirror was for.


Asher answered, “So you can look in it & see what you need to do… like when you are fixing your hair.”


It was a good answer for the question.  He had his moment that everyone heard him talk.  After the children’s message comes the children’s song.  It changes from month to month, & this month they are singing “The Wiseman Built His House Upon The Rock…”  Since the song has actions, the song leader set the microphone on the pew so she could do the motions with the kids.  Asher seized his opportunity, grabbed the mic, & proceeded to lead the rest of the kids in song.  After church he told PChad, “Sometime I’d like to sing a song all by myself.”

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  1. haha! I'll have to keep an eye out for him!