Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Yesterday I was driving the kids home after picking Asher up from school.  I’m not sure if they had been reading Bible stories that morning, but Asher began the conversation like so:


Asher: “When I grow up & have a baby boy, I’m going to name him ‘Judas’.”


Chancery: “And when I grow up to be a lady & have a girl, I’m going to name her ‘Judas’ too.”


Asher: “No, Chancery, you can’t name her ‘Judas’, because then there would be TWO Judases & that would be too confusing!”


Me: “When you grow up & have a baby, you can decide with your wife what to name your baby.”


At this point the conversation went quiet for awhile, then Asher spoke up again…


Asher: “Chancery said it was ok to name it ‘Judas’.”


Me: “Chancery is your sister, she can’t be your wife.”


Asher: “Well then who’s going to be my wife?”


  1. Eve insists she is going to marry Daddy and then that's how she becomes a Mommy and can have a little girl. These family relationships are so complicated!!

  2. Ella (from Bonnie) is certain she's going to marry Austin, and have eight boys and one girl. Austin is now at an age where he gets very embarassed when Ella talks like that! I think it's cute!