Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Rock On, Jeeves!

Asher has really gotten into having music on when we drive anywhere.  There are certain songs that he requests to be played louder, & I usually comply, but there is a limit to how loud I’ll let the radio get.  Funny enough, Asher also is a non-stop chatterbox.  As we drive, he is CONSTANTLY talking about what he sees, where he wants to go, & what he’d rather be doing.

The conflict inside him of having music or talking must be a strong one.  The other day, he had just asked me to turn the music up, which I did, but then I heard him talking away in the backseat.  I turned the music down so I could ask him what he wanted…

A: “Turn the music back up, Mummy!”

M: “Well I just turned it down so I could hear what you were saying.”

A: “I was just talking about that I like this song, but it’s not my most favourite song.  Now, could you please turn it louder?”

I turned the music back up, & when the song finished, there was a pause before the next one started.  The next one was a bit louder, so I turned it back down a bit.

A: “Mummy…” he says exasperated that he needs to reiterate his request, “I ASKED you to keep it loud!”

M: “This song is a bit louder, so I turned it down a little, it’s a good volume now.”

At the end of that song Asher informed me…

A: “When I’m an adult, I’m going to drive Chancery in my car & if she says the music isn’t loud enough, I’m going to turn it up REALLY loud!”

To which Chancery replied, “Can I please ride in Asher’s car?”

I guess I don’t play the music loud enough for her either.  The CD in question...
Dreaming Out Loud

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