Wednesday, 16 March 2011


We have been encouraging the kids to pray their own prayers at lunchtime, which has resulted in Asher developing a prayer & proceeding to sing it.


“Thank you, God, for everything.  Everything around us when we are outside, & everything around us inside.  Thank you, THANK YOU for everything, everything, ♫♪ eve-ry-thiiiing!♪♫


Chancery caught on, & began using Asher’s prayer as well.  Even this prayer started to become rote, so we told the kids they should be more specific about what they are thankful for which resulted in Chancery’s…


“Thank you for my fork, and thank you for my milk, and thank you for…  *sigh* Daddy’s fork.  Amen!”


So the other day, we were quite surprised when Asher came up with the following prayer out of the blue.




“Dear God, when people are dying, they have to kill a lamb so the lamb dies instead of them dying.  Amen.”


Apparently he got confused about the story of the Passover (Exodus 12) that we had read during devotions the day before…

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  1. I found his prayer to be quite profound! Didn't he sum up the story of Jesus?