Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Mistaken Identity

We have our screen-saver set to show pictures from whatever month is is from years past (so right now it's showing Februarys from the years 1995-2008). Asher likes to watch the pictures & tell us who's in them. There are a few pics of horses that he was confused about & kept calling them cows, so we were watching w/ him. Suddenly he said, "There's Grandma V.. & Mummy!" Here's the picture he saw.

Do you recognize who this is? That's PChad! And here's a pic of me & my mum.... do you think they look similar?

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  1. My mom has one of those photo screensavers and we will sit for hours looking at all the photos flash by from years past. It is always fun and often surprising to see what pops up.