Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Hold Your Nose!

My parents are watching my brother's kids for a week & I called to see how it was going & have a little chat. My niece got on the phone & was telling me all about the muffins she had for breakfast. Asher ran into the room requesting to talk on the phone too, so I handed it to him so he & Meghan could talk to eachother.

"Hi, Meghan! I tooted in my pants so I said, 'excuse me!' Ok, bye!"

He then handed the phone back to me & ran away again. At least he has good manners!

That same night I was putting Chancery to bed & told Asher to stay in his room until I was finished. When I came in & was congratulating Asher on a job well done, then I noticed an odour, so I asked if he had pooed in his pants.

"Yes, I have poop in my pants & I stink like a skunk!"

That's putting it mildly & a fitting follow up to the afternoon's phone call.

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