Thursday, 19 February 2009

Feel The Burn

About 5 years ago I was having issues w/ my stomach every morning. Usually I can cope w/ such things, but it was getting out of hand. To the point where I couldn't drink my daily latte anymore b/c it was upsetting my stomach. We were trying to make a baby, but after countless negative pregnancy tests & continued morning sickness I went to the doctor to see what was up. Long story short, no, I was not pregnant, I had acid reflux, but they wanted to find out more.

After a few months of testing they figured out I had gastroparesis which means that my stomach takes too long to empty after eating (I never figured out how that works w/ also having a fast metabolism). I was given some erythromycin to help my stomach empty faster & also to combat the acid reflux. I was told I'd have to be on the erythromycin for the rest of my life b/c my stomach just needed some help, but since we were also working on expanding our family & that medication can cause complications, I just took myself off it & tried eating smaller meals more often. Things were going fine until last Friday.

Suddenly my stomach felt like it was on fire & my throat was full of acid. I picked up some Zantac at the pharmacy, but after 3 days w/o much improvement I went to the doctor yesterday & am now back on the reflux meds to see how they work. Why I've been fine for all those years & suddenly it's back is anybody's guess, but so far the medication's not working great, hopefully it will soon. The biggest issue I've been having is drinking water. The more water I drink, the worse it gets, but since I'm nursing Chancery I have to drink lots of it.

There are 2 ways this could go:
1. These meds work & I have no more issues w/ it. (A great option)
2. The meds don't work & in 6 weeks I have an endoscopy. (A fun option, they give you drugs that make you have a GREAT day!)

So, I'm hoping the drugs work or my body decides to correct itself again b/c I am not looking forward to 6 more weeks of this!

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  1. Oh, how awful. The few times I've had to deal with acid reflux are enough to give me a small idea of what you're going through and I wouldn't wish that on anyone.